PennyPrizes is Back

After being down for a few weeks, penny auction site came back online this week.

Originally launched in November of 2010, and based out of Bartlett, IL bidders have enjoyed bidding on PennyPrizes and especially liked their surprise mystery penny auctions.

However, the site recently went down, under construction and many bidders had previously posted in our forum stating that they had not received items, but it looks like many auctions were voided and bids were refunded. It looks like these issues are being sorted out and they’re back on track.

Yesterday, one bidder told us,

“I won $75 in card and got them transferred all to Amazon. Got them within MINUTES of sending my payment. Very good start. Won $25 card tonight. Hope to have it in the morning or tomorrow.”

PennyPrizes is currently running a grand opening bids sale until June 30th, 100 bids for $15. The penny auction site is also offering monthly cash prize drawings along with themed bidding days. Today’s items feature $50 gift cards and 50 bids bid pack auctions.

Have you bid on If so, join us and discuss this penny auction site in our PennyPrizes forum!

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  • Anonymous June 30, 2012, 9:43 pm

    Voided hundreds of dollars of merchandise, virtually ceased communication. I filed chargebacks because I thought what they were doing was outright unethical seeing as they said a server crash made them unaware of what auctions they had and had not mailed out. Yet, they knew exactly what auctions to void (the ones they didn’t ship to me and others) thus saving thousands. Very dishonest. I was willing to turn the other cheek as I had always had a good experience with this site. I only filed chargebacks because I honestly didn’t think they were going to return for business.

    I offered to void the chargebacks once it seemed like they actually may open but they cancelled my account saying I breached their terms and conditions. Lost a considerable investment. I found this company is great to you as long as you are in the red. If you start winning more than your spending you’re a liability. Hopefully you will all learn from this experience. This was not the first time this company has done something dishonest, it won’t be the last. Bidders beware.

    • Amanda Lee July 1, 2012, 10:09 am

      Yikes, thanks for letting us know this. 🙁

  • raylisa101 July 5, 2012, 9:38 am

    great customer service (Thanks Marie)
    good variety of items hope to be with them for a long time

    • Amanda Lee July 5, 2012, 11:16 am

      Thanks raylisa101 for sharing, come and visit us in the forum!


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