New Penny Auction Coming Soon:

bidplayersItchin’ for more sites to bid on these days? Here’s a new one that opens in 29 days. has been gearing up for their launch by publishing a blog with helpful penny auction tips, weekly free bid contests and anything that they find interesting (check out their article on Don Pettit’s awesome photos from space)

“You might be thinking: “There are so many Penny Auctions sites, why should I check out these guys?” Well, the answer is simple. We don’t want to be just one more online Auctions provider. We want to start a revolution on Penny Auctions, one token at time!

Some Auctions websites think of people as bid buyers. We think that bidders are people seeking for great deals! Our mission is not only providing Auctions but we want to create a nice environment and give people a chance to have fun while they win memorable Auctions.”

BidPlayers is also on Facebook – and Twitter – @BidPlayers and is currently accepting pre-registrations on their homepage.

Discuss in our penny auction forum and be sure to share your review with us once they’ve launched!

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  • BidPlayers July 10, 2012, 2:42 pm

    We are giving 10 Free Bones (Bids) away for people who sign up in July! Go to and use the promo code test10 ! =)

  • Chris July 11, 2012, 3:13 am

    Good day,
    Same logo as bidplayers, probably a test site… who knows.
    Whatever the case, my decision is made, after finding this dubious looking test site, I honestly doubt I will purchase bids, as this pseudo test site leaves me asking questions regarding the security and functionality of when it is to officially launch.
    Today, it is customer security and the security of customer personal information that is a very important factor to securing a customer base, customer satisfaction is no longer the key factor at play.
    What I do not comprehend is why did they not test there website on a private accessible server which cannot be crawled by search engines…

  • BidPlayers July 11, 2012, 9:54 pm


    Thank you very much for your comment and concerns. We are and have been well aware of the issue at the current hosting company, It is actually a problem that we are in the process of helping them solve. At BidPlayers we consider customer security, which would include the security of any customer personal information to be a top priority in overall customer satisfaction. While we agree that customer security is of the utmost importance, we also believe 100% in customer service to provide a reliable online atmosphere for all players. All of which are very important to the longevity of any business. We take all security issues very seriously, which is one of the many reasons we have decided to build the site the way that we have. Due to what we have learned the last few weeks we will actually be changing hosting prior to launch and using some state of the art security measures for all customer information as well as transactions. Our security features will exceed expectation in this market place making BidPlayers not only a “safe site”, but one of the safest online auctions sites available. We would love to have you as a player on BidPlayers and look forward to exceeding your customer service needs.


    BidPlayers Customer Service Team


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