NBC News Reports on Penny Auction Scams

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penny-auction-scams-nbcThanks to Herb Weisbaum, NBC News anchor and consumer advocate  (check out his website: consumerman.com), further mainstream awareness has just been created surrounding penny auction shill bidding bots!

Bidbots sometimes used to rig Internet penny auction sites

In his article, posted today to the front page of NBC News’ Business section, Herb highlights the penny auction scam that was ArrowOutlet.com and how they got caught and shut down.  Thanks for the interview and mention, Herb and NBC!

We hope that segments like this will send a message to the rest of the shady penny auction operators, that have been and are still outright scamming unsuspecting consumers. 

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  • vgregion March 9, 2013, 2:54 am

    If you want to see bidbots in action you can look at Ziinga.com right now. No1 has won an auction there since jan 27 and the auctions runs 24/7! My godness they aint even discreat about it!


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