Prices Drop on When You Watch Ads

New site utilizes the creative possibilities of alternative e-commerce/entertainment shopping, more specifically, the price drop “auction,” to deliver discounts on items via ad delivery.

Very much like price drop entertainment shopping sites we’ve seen in the past namely which is now, unfortunately on hiatus and ToVieFor: Where Are They Now? Five Businesses That Shifted Away from Penny Auctions whose owners scrapped the idea and went on to offer custom white shirts for women.

How does VidFall work?

VidFall offers a number of gift card items. Currently there is a $100 Starbuck’s Gift Card, $20 Amazon gift card, $10 Xbox eCard, and $5 Target gift code.  As you see in the above screenshot the $100 Starbucks card has currently dropped in price to $89.37. Users are able to reduce the price of each item by clicking on the “Reduce Price” button, watching a video advertisement to cause the price to fall.

This entertainment shopping site works to bring the best deals with more users watching ads. Each time a user watched an ad the price will drop and anyone can purchase the item at any time. When you like the price and think it’s low enough you can click “Buy Now” to lock in the price and buy it. But remember, the more people watching ads and decreasing the price the higher the competition and the quicker the item can sell to another user.

vidfall-dealsAfter watching the commercial/ad on the Starbuck’s Gift Card, the first one was for Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, the price decreased by $0.02 bringing the buy it price down to $88.14 from $88.16, an $11.86 discount, which would roughly be two free drinks at Starbuck’s – combine that with Starbuck’s loyalty app and collect points to become a gold card holder this could gain you a bit more than 2 free cards. Not a bad deal, but not a HUGE deal as of yet. Again the more users to watch ads on each item, the lower the price drops.

Pretty cool idea.

I remember when – another ad platform that currently offers coupons to users for watching commercials, offered free magazine subscriptions.

What do you think of VidFall? Would you use it to save money on gift cards?

It differs from the standard penny auction or entertainment price drop site in that the site is rewarding you by offering you deals on items in exchange for your time and not your time + money like that of a traditional penny auction site.




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