Are the Testimonials Found on Fake?

bidideal3Note this screenshot from penny auction bidding site It’s a screenshot capture of the homepage of Bidideal with their slider, this page states “The Sydney Morning Herald – See what the media has to say,” “Online auction website advertising on TV in Australia are offering iPads for $24, 50-inch Samsung TVs for $85 and even a Honda Civic car for $1800.”

I just love how penny auction sites can take news clips and use them in their advertising. yet the news sites NEVER even interviewed or featured them. So many sites over the years have taken advantage of the fact that penny auctions have been in the media, so they spin it to make it look like the media had something to say about them when The Sydney Morning Herald was really just talking about QuiBids.

Have you bid on penny auction/bidding site or

Well, we want to know whether or not the “winners” of Bidideal’s auctions have either.

There’s this web business called CVImpress, at, that seems to be selling CV/resume services: “CVimpress is the world’s first creative CV website that delivers quality, professional and personalised CVs that display your talent, skills, achievements and personality in an industry specific layout. Job hunting has become so fierce that CVs have about 20 seconds to capture the interest of recruiters. CVimpress is committed to helping job seekers turn those seconds into valuable minutes.”

Their business name and address is listed as: CVimpress1/1 Talavera RoadMacquarie Park, Sydney NSW 2113

One thing that’s really interesting is the URL registrar and the web server of both and were bought and hosted with the same companies.

See the similarities? ENOM, INC was used to register the domain and hosts both sites according to this info found in a public records search on

Coincidence? Sure – maybe!



Maybe, maybe not.

A lot of companies use and Enom, inc.

But that’s not all…

Now, take a look at the testimonials page for both penny auction sites and (granted, it can definitely be a copy of Bidideal – just in a different language – both sites are owned by the same Turkish company

(“The following Terms & Conditions shall apply to the relationship between Bidideal registered as Dogaclama E Tic Ltd Sti, and, and the end user. By using Bidideal services, You accept these Terms & Conditions, as well as the manner in which Bidideal operates. These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Bidideal and You and supersede and replace all prior commitments, undertakings or representations, whether written or oral, between You and Bidideal with respect of Your use of Bidideal.

Information on Bidideal, such as the About us, Help or FAQ & Support sections, are only recommendations and are not intended and may not be relied on as rules or guidelines. Bidideal is not liable or responsible for the actions of users or other individuals who have read or been informed of such information or other written material.

Bidideal will follow all local tax legislation for the sale of bid packages and goods in the countries in which it operates. Our registered address is Bidideal Mustafa Kemal Street, No 153/20 Bornova / Izmir Turkey 35000.

If You have any questions, concerns, or comments about these Terms & Conditions, please email us at”)

So take a look at the testimonials on

Note the reviews by Amy R., Melinda H. and Sonay S. Amy R. on is Amy K. on, Melinda H on is  Melinda T. on and Sonay S. is still Sonay S. on both sites.


Click on image to enlarge. Note the similarities in photos and names of the reviewers?

Something doesn’t smell right, unless all of these people just so happen to coincidentally create testimonials for two different companies and use the very same photos.

Or, maybe, just maybe – both companies are related…. That would lead me to question the legitimacy of the other company, too. After all, what are the odds that the same sampling of people would post testimonials for the same two companies?

Or maybe, they’re all friends and just love to do business with the same businesses and share reviews using the same photos! Maybe!?

Gee..Well, whatever the case it sure seems a bit fishy.aha

Note the “Testimonial Disclaimer” found on the CVImpress website, in accordance with “FTS Guide lines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials…” FTS, Hmm, do they mean FTC?  Would the FTC would be OK with “fake” testimonials?

The short answer: NO! 

The FTC does consider fake reviews illegal.

For instance,” The crackdown, dubbed “Operation Clean Turf”, targeted both companies who purchased the fake reviews, as well as the companies who are creating the fake reviews!

A total of seven companies offering “reputation enhancement” services were caught in the year-long investigation, along with their clients they post reviews for.”

19 different companies were ordered to stop posting and soliciting fake reviews as well as pay $350,000 in penalties.

Well, I’d beg to say, if you look at the Hall of Shame category here on Penny Auction Watch, where we document numerous instances of other penny auctions using fake reviews and phony testimonials, as well as exposing people creating and selling fake reviews, all of them should have been included in Operation Clean Turf.

What’s even more interesting is that there are two separate sites in the Turkish language and in the English language, both penny auctions are using the same “out-of-the-box penny auction script” that shares these testimonials, the Artigarri’s testimonials are in Turkish and Bidideal’s are in English.

Gee, so maybe at one point both sites were the same and they integrated the same reviews? doesn’t offer any auctions right now as of May 21. Bidideal does, quite a few, in fact.
But the point is, and the problem we have is this: Why are customers of bidding on and also on Or, why is using the same testimonial pictures and names of the very same reviewers who shared their reviews on  and on Or maybe it’s just a coincidence and maybe all of these bidders and these customers just so happen to be customers of all three sites.

Users who send in their testimonials to qualify for 2 free bids; Artirgarri, 10 free bids. bidideal

Would you bid on Have you bid there? If so, what have your experiences been?

Is this a legit penny auction?

You be the judge.




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