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4150 Ste-Catherine Street W.
Suite #235
Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2Y5

Available for Bidders In: US, Canada & “ALL Major Countries”

Startup Date: January 12, 2009

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Technical Information

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Payment Processor – Payments accepted: Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal.

Company Contact Information

Phone Contact: 1-877-423-3943 (billing inquiries)

Support Email: See contact form Click Here

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Beezid Features

Product Offerings: Brand New, popular consumer electronics, housewares and more.

Auction Types:

Penny Auction
– During a penny auction, every time a bid is placed, the current price of the item goes up by one penny ($0.01).

Thriller Auction
– This auction will keep you on the edge of your seat. During a Thriller auction, you won’t be allowed to book any AUTOBEEZIDS. The only way to win is to place one bid at a time and keep watching.

Cherry Auction
– A Cherry auction is reserved for users who have not yet had the chance to win an auction and are the only auctions that Free bids can be applied to. As soon as you win your first auction, Cherry auctions will no longer be available for you to bid on and will become invisible to you. To find out more about Cherry auctions, check out the video tutorial .

* Please note that coupons for discounts on the final item price or towards the shipping price cannot be redeemed when claiming a Cherry auction.

Bid for Free
– This auction type is available to users who have already completed their first Bid Pack purchase. The way it works is that any bids placed on this auction are free of charge so your bid balance will never go down. The winner has the right to buy the product for the auction closing price, plus the usual shipping and handling, where applicable. If you have won more than one Bid For Free auction, they must be claimed in order to have the ability to bid on another Bid For Free auction. Remember, once you win a Bid For Free auction, you will have 7 days to claim it before it expires. Please note that AutoBeezids are not allowed for the “Bid For Free” auctions.

Note: Coupons for discounts on the final item price cannot be redeemed when claiming a Bid for Free auction.

User Registration Limits:

Sign Up Bonus: 10 FREE bids upon registration

Bid Exchange: Not Available (Exchange product won value for bids)

Buy It Now: Not Available

Win Limits:

Bid prices: Bids on Beezid range in price from $0.60 – 0.90 per bid

$27.00 for 30 bids at 0.90 each
$40.00 for 50 bids at 0.80 each
$70.00 for 100 bids at 0.70 each
$120.00 for 200 bids at 0.60 each
$210.00 for 350 bids at 0.60 each $300.00 for 500 bids @ 0.60 each

Social Networks

Facebook: Beezid Facebook Fan Page

Twitter: Beezid Twitter Page

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