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Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Oct 04 2009 11:24 PM
gift cards giftcardbidz penny auction

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Those terms and conditions are one of the most widely used and you will find them on legit sites as well some less than honest sites. My guess is it is included with the software and the site owners instead of paying an attorney to write new ones will just run with them as few read them. Legal or not it does not stop them from sicking the collection company on you, they might even collect from some, or if nothing else it will deter people from challenging them. The cancelation issue is some sites actually have/had a subscription type membership/plan thus the need for paypal cancelation.


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Hi BTW, I saw you bidding in the website? Is that you or someone else?
can you post your experience about them, just to figure out all my observation about them are true?
I hate online scam :redface:


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I was going to sign up but I didn't like their terms and conditions so I don't think I will. It looks to me like hidden fees that will come out of your paypal account. The How it works page just says you buy bids for a fee. I think I will skip on the registration there.

-Members may terminate their membership at any time. Members need only to Log In to their Specified PayPal account and cancel the giftcardbidz.com Subscription.

- If a Member for any reason disputes any charge from PayPal or giftcardbidz.com, the Member will be deemed in breach of this contract and will be subject to fines of $500 per hour that the amount is disputed with PayPal and the complaint is live up to a maximum of $5000.00. The $500 per hour starts the minute the dispute is filed and continues until the breach is fixed. The amount of the fine becomes due immediately and will be turned over to a collection agency if not paid within 10 days.

-From time to time, based on the sole discretion of giftcardbidz.com, you may be charged fees and other charges (the "Fees") for the use of certain Services for which you are registered. Such Fees, if any, will be disclosed on the Site or to you prior to your use of a particular Service, and your use of the Service shall constitute your agreement to pay all applicable Fees. You shall be responsible for any Fees that result from use of the Service from or through your Account, whether or not made by you. Information on Fees shall be available to you under your Account information. The Fees shall be due immediately and are non-refundable, unless otherwise indicated to you in writing by giftcardbidz.com. All Fees are subject to change, and giftcardbidz.com will provide notice of such change in Fees on the Site or to you prior to the new Fees taking effect. Upon receipt of giftcardbidz.com's notice of a change in Fees, you may immediately cancel your Account. Continuation of a Service after notice of a change in Fees will constitute your agreement to the new Fees.

$500 per hour. We as a construction company don't charge that much.


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Have consitantly noticed that a bidder shows up on
8 of 10 auctions:

Cschasmera...... And have recently noticed a bidder showing up:

Dschasmera..... Could it be same bidder, how many are allowed

from one household???????????????

Has anyone know this to be a bott?


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Couldn't see winner or end auction. Can not see winner. So, could be scam. They deleted ended auction page.


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regarding: cschembera / kschembera
As I watch an auction, may come in on one hit, never rebid.... or come in on an autobid..... and never give up.
Too much inconsistancy..... a human has traits that continue to bid not just a random swoop in and drop out.
Do you see them on any other similar looking site: TdBid, Famdabidosy?

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