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Started by Zyekad , Nov 28 2009 10:59 PM

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Oh Happy Day, RU, Sassy, Congrats on your wins! Beware tonight! Something strange is going on. Many of the same bidder name with a different number following the name. I took a pretty good hit on my HD card. I sent an email with a formal complaint for the offensive names, and I contacted customer service. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!
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Thanks KJ and determined! I questioned keeping my bid on top for so long before it counted down, because it does feel like you're wasting bids, but I think it helped in the end! woot

I read a lot of good stuff, it took a long time to catch up, I think you were all bidding and posting long after I had gone to bed!!!! I should have taken notes, because there was so much I wanted to say and now I don't remember, but here are a few...

Sassy - Your kids are sooooooo cute!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Scooby - I can't believe how many Disney cards you've won, you and SA are my heros!!!!! (emoticon taking a bow).

Everyone - Congrats on the great wins and the name building battles which will shurely bring easier wins in the future!

Ghostie - kisses from me, can we start a mutual admiration society? *hug*

Superelmo - I hope you come back again soon, I'm finally building my name back up here and I would hate to have to follow you to another site just to get some quality time bidding with you!

Yeah, you won't have to follow me! I am waiting to bid though because I have many cards up to date that they need to ship. I finally killed my credit card debt! SO i'm not about to put it in the negatives again. I will be happy to bid with many of you again! Don't worry though, I'm just waiting and playing it safe. :) Two months worth of cards still owed to me...

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