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GIVEAWAY: I Love Penny Auctions Because...!

Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Dec 06 2009 06:59 AM

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The Fantastic Penny Auction Watch Giveaway Official Thread!

It's a giving time of year and in honor of Penny Auction Watch's 6-month anniversary, with the help of some generous penny auction site owners, we have decided to have the first ever Penny Auction Watch Giveaway!

Prizes include a 4gb iPod Shuffle, a Nintendo Wii and bidpacks from a number of penny auction sites! Click here to read all of the details and see the prize list!

To be eligible for entry into the contest you must join this forum and tell us why you love penny auctions in this thread!

That's not all :biggrin:, in addition to your "I Love Penny Auctions Because...!" entry, you may be eligible for EXTRA entries! Read the blog post for contest rules and more information.

The Fantastic Penny Auction Watch Giveaway contest begins December 6th, 2009 at 2:00 AM (EST) and continues until December 31st at midnight (EST). Winners will be announced here on New Year's Day (January 1st, 2010)! We will also e-mail all winners to the e-mail address they have provided upon sign-up to our forum.
Good Luck!

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I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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I Love Penny Auctions Because...

regular auctions are BORING zZZZZZZzzzz



  • janyce16
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Its a great way of getting items at a bargain price!!!!

by the way i'm following your rss feed, fan on facebook, following on twitter, thinking on the video :P

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I love them because I find it entertaining watching Game theory in motion, even if I fall for the same pitfalls as others.

The chance to get something for a good deal is also a big plus (even though I think I am still down from my early attempts at outbidding some power bidders).

I have also subscribed to the rss feed and become a fan on facebook.

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I don't love Penny Auctions...Penny Auctions love ME!!! Well The bidders don't, but the owners do! haha! Just kidding.

Naw, but seriously. Penny auctions are a lot more interesting than waiting 5 days to bid on an item just to try to get a final bid in and hope nobody else does the same. With a Penny auction, an item you might otherwise pay $500.00 for, you may just get for $5.00. It feels more like winning at the casino than just going for a definite buy, except these casino wins feel great no matter what the value just for the fact that you WON it through "competition." The best casino games I could compare it to would be a combination of Hold'em Poker with a Slot Machine twist to it.

When I first found out about penny auctions long ago, it was mainly those scams being run in person where they choose the guy from the audience, etc. (the olden days... it's been in a few movies, I can't remember any by hand, but some of you know what I'm talking about). I'd eventually found the same concept had moved online, as most of the sites I looked at following the same concept looked like scams because of the patterns some bidders would use or the way the timers would function, which sure enough was eventually exposed on many sites here on P.A.W.

But as for the LEGIT Penny Auction sites, (ex: RB, BY, DD, etc.) They've given me a new outlook on life, and have allowed me to save enough money to buy that million dollar toothpick from space I've always wanted! Well not really, but I've been able to donate a lot of items, and provide gifts for a lot of people in the family without having to empty out a bank account, lol. I don't want to say how much I've saved, but you'd be pretty upset to find out and realize you could have done the same just by giving it a try.

The Pros:
I have had some outstanding deals come my way, including a 100-ounce brick of Silver I'd won worth about $1400.00 at the time, which last time I checked was worth $1,922.00. I don't think I paid more than $250.00 for it total in bids and shipping (which was around $70.00 if I remember correctly).

The Cons:
I'm now so addicted that one of my daily routines is to check my 3 favorite sites to see what auctions are going through the course of the day and what times so I know to be around. Lately I've been spending more time watching auctions than I have hitting the heavy bag. (that and it's colder than an eskimo nose outside) Well... on the bright side, even if I somehow manage to lose in the ring, I'll still be a winner in one of those auctions! LOL.

Penny Auctions are no longer just auctions... They have become a way of life! Well, not really, but you know... they have become sort of it's own social network to where bidders now interact on a certain level of competition, which creates a certain kind of awareness. I'm pretty sure some of the techniques and strategies created to win can be applied to many other things in life, but maybe not. Maybe I'm crazy... or maybe I'm over analyzing the strategies, lol. Either way...

The Thought
"A Penny for your thoughts? Hell naw, but I'll give you a Penny for that nice Widescreen HDTV or that PS3 right there!" The reply... sure! And THAT's what it feels like.

The Quote
"I Love Penny Auctions because... just like their title, you can actually win an auction... FOR A PENNY!"

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Disclaimer: All of the text stated above is MY own personal opinion... so for those of you who seem to always find something or have something negative to say about anything I seem to type... :lurk5:

You can't control the flock without the fear of the wolf.


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Penny auctions are a real challenge...they offer the opportunity to be able to snag a really great deal on some pretty high valued items! The excitement and joy when you actually "win" something is a great adrenaline rush. While I have lost quite a bit of money on sites that I have found out, thanks to this wonderful forum, to be "scams", I have also won many great items on legit sites that have allowed me to be able to purchase gifts for my 4 kids for the holidays that I would not have been able to afford if not for "winning" on the auctions. Another advantage is being able to be a part of this great PAW community.
I enjoy the time I spend here and on the auction sites. I'm addicted to both!


  • goldtrimcharm
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I think they're great fun, and you can walk away with some great deals!


  • sixtoes
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i love penny auctions for the feel of victory or the agony of defeat as you go up against friend for fun or fight off a power bidder so for that day you can proudly say today i took them on and won :hurray:


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I love penny auctions because of the thrill of maybe winning and getting a really good deal on items like others have said you otherwise might not be able to get. I have bought many bids and even though I still have empty hands except for a couple of gift cards I keep hoping my day will come.So yes it is the over all thrill and hopeful deal that keeps me going at it. Then there is this site that I am also glad I found , thanks to PAW members I have learned where not to spend my hard earned money , being able to come here and see if a site is legit or not is awesome. Not to mention sharing laughs with everyone.So yep yep I am addicted to :biggriny:


  • angelducky
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I love them because I am a very competitive person and I love trying to outsmart the competition. There's no feeling like winning something you really want at a fantastic deal!!


  • bloo123456
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I love penny auctions because i can get brand new stuff i want for cheapest price possible.
And even if i cant do that i can experience the thrill while doing penny auctions instead of sites like ebay or such..

Another reason is its a pretty bad ass place to let off ur anger haha..!! totally true.
(((:10:Fight till Death :P )))


  • jonkny
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I LOVE PENNY AUCTIONS BECAUSE they give me a chance to win expensive merchandise at dirt cheap prices.


  • sjh0998
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I love penny auctions because i get the chance to fight against other people to let my anger off.. and the feeling to be on top is the best. seeing ur name on the item as ended that you really wanted is the best feeling anyone could ever have.


  • awesome
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I love penny auctions because they are fast paced and fun.


  • zero
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I love penny auctions because there is nothing else like it, where else do you have the chance to get an item for next to nothing;plus it is like a game it beats watching tv with youre free time.


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I like Penny Auctions because of the thrill of bidding...nothing's better then snagging an item that's 90% off the retail price. Now who doesn't like that? I

I have just recently got into Penny Auction Websites and I absolutely love them! They are addicting and fun! It's that feeling you get when you win something!

Penny Auctions are the best websites to buy products from hands-down! :)


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I Love Penny Auctions because
1. It is fun and exciting way to buy products
2. It could save money
3. It helps you exercise your mind and thought (a lot of planing, researching, watching, studying bidder behavior and so on)
4. It stops me from wasting my time on playing games.
5. It teaches me to be more patient and don't let emotion take control over myself. (I has lost tons of money from loosing my patient)

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I love penny auctions because...

I'm a poker player and feel like there is some strategic thinking and planning involved in bidding...and of course because you can get some sick deals!


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I love penny auctions because, they have helped me learn how to save money. Yeah winning expensive items for a fraction of the retail price helps. However, when I say save money, I mean penny auctions have taught me how to conserve what I have and to not use it all immediately.


  • eshopper
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I love penny auctions because they are a fun, fast paced, competitive way to get fantastic deals on items I normally may not be able to afford..or at least afford so much of! :P

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