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Started by iamgod , Jan 30 2010 12:15 PM

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  • iamgod
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Has anyone come accross the site fluteroo.co.uk? I have bid a few times on the lowest bid and always seem to be outbid by an amount that seems impossible from the information they have given.

Any one else had this?


  • ali2166
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i only play the pick the price and won a nano first time i think the thing is to only:)use the ones with the set amount of bids and wait till it down to about 10-20 picks left .if you use the unlimited bids the same bidders with unlimited funds bid at the last minute and bump all your bids off the top hope this helps. i did get my nano the day after i won


  • annab
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Hi - i think what your problem is there on flutteroo (as i had the same thoughtsand confirmed the reason with them, they're ok at flutteroo by the way) - is tthat when they give out info as to wwhether your bid is high or low - thats in relation to the current winning bid, not in relation to any free spaces below that.

Hope this explains - and yes agree about the bid limited ones if you only have a few bids to spare - otherwise you can win on the timed ones with a good bid pack behind you if you get a unique and then bid all no's undre that at the last second. But its a little unfair on others, but thats the game and hoow to win if you have the right amount of bids to cover it that is.


  • Exceet
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Hi. It's actually flutteroo.co.uk. I came across them probably 5 months or so ago and every so often pop back to see what's happening and what's changed. Looks like they sure have gone to some effort to have three different auction types running in parallel. Don't know how much traction it's actually got though. Quantcast doesn't rank it and Alexa ranks it fairly low but growing.


  • flutteroo
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Hey all,

Just to let you know we've been improving our timed Lowest Unique Bid offerings. With timed Lowest Unique Bid, there is no waiting around for other people to use of picks; when the timer counts out, it's over!

We just finished off our first mega "Star Auction" - £1000 cash, which went to a lucky player for just £4.17. How good is that?! Our next big prize is a brand new iPad with 3G, WiFi, and a huge 32GB hard drive.

Along with these special auctions, we have loads of others (Penny Auctions, Lowest Unique Bid Auctions, and Buy It Now Auctions) running every day, so why not try us out?

Cheers, Dave.
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