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Collusion rule.

Started by togafoot , Feb 17 2010 01:04 AM

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  • togafoot
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Just a generic query... The site we are developing will have concepts such as team bidding and encourages collusion between team members. Would there be a rule change on these forums to accomodate new modes such as the one we are developing?

*NB: Our site is in China, so unlikely to get people coming here to collude :)


  • SpeedyFinger
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I - for one - am interested to see/hear more...


  • candy
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That should be very interesting LOL Only thing I can think of... make sure your Terms states you allow this. Good Luck!


  • togafoot
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I will post more details when we finish our private beta and ready to 'publicise'. For sure, we beleive we have twisted the concept of auctioning into something brand new.


  • suzyq
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I also would be interested in hearing more on this. I don't understand how team bidding would be fair to single bidders....unless only team bidding were allowed.
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suzyq aka cwazywabbit


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Hi Suzy,

I don't know if you saw my "STRATEGIES AND TACTICS THAT WORK" article or not, but in it, one of the profiles I mentioned was the "TEAM PLAYERS". I am including the team player write up at the end of my post because it deals directly with topic of collusion. I am not including it with the intention to advertise, If I remove my company name I will probably be accused by someone of altering my original post so I am leaving it as is.

I was trying to tell people that like it or not, agree with it or not, the team player tactic is being used against people on a daily basis on a wide variety of auctions.

Instead of taking what I wrote as an alert to the Penny Auction user, I was accused of cheating and trying to advertise my company for free on PAW. I have never, nor would I ever, use a collusion tactic, I don't condone or agree with it, but sad to say, facts are facts, it does work. People need to recognize that it is being used regularly. At least by being forewarned that such a tactic exists, they can bid on an auction with their eyes wide open.

Is it collusion? I will answer my own question, of course it is, that is collusion of the first order. Posting the fact that collusion exists on a site and that it is openly posted in that sites terms and conditions doesn't protect a person from falling victim to it. All it does is tell the person, I TOLD YOU SO.

The Team Player: I am putting the team player as number one on my list of strategies because this strategy alone is one that anyone, both beginner and experienced alike can use to great effectiveness and you need to be made aware of it, Like it or not, be 100% certain that this tactic is being used on a regular basis on all auctions. Here’s how it works…

The Bidder gets friends of his/her to register into the auction and compete against him for the item he would dearly love to have. Once the bidding starts, the TEAM along with other bidders, place a few bids to familiarize themselves with how the bidding process is progressing with other bidders, (non team players).

They watch closely to see how NON TEAM BIDDERS react to their presence. When they feel the timing is right, ALL team members suddenly start placing successive bids actually outbidding each other. At this point, other bidders who are not a part of the team more often than not sit back and watch the others battle it out and waste their bids, (at least it appears they are wasting them).

Once the team sees that the other bidders have stopped bidding they make their move. They feel relatively comfortable at this point that no other bidder will step in. At a pre-determined signal, (maybe they are on the phone with each other) the team suddenly stops bidding and allows the clock to countdown to zero allowing whichever team member who is in top position to win the auction.
1heluvadeal can the team strategy be greatly interfered with, quite simply because our bids are 100% FREE with only a limited amount of BidClicks given to each bidder. To break up the team’s tactic, start rapidly outbidding the last bidder when the clock reaches into the very low 10 second countdown.

Remember, ONLY on 1heluvadeal will this countermeasure work because the bids are free and very few people are allowed to take part in the auction. By the way, the final 10 second countdown is not the time to take a break. Is this tactic ethical or fair to others? You be the judge. One thing is certain, 1heluvadeal allows you to fight back against this tactic and drastically increase your chances of winning.

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  • PAbidder
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IF limited bids is what it takes to stop collusion, then penny auction sites should just start selling 1 quanity of bid packs.

$25 for 500 bids. Only 1 bid pack purchase allowed during that days auction. After that days auction ends any remaining bids expire.

In order for this to work there must be a entrance marker for each auction. Meaning any bidder can place a single bid on a item, once the timer counts down to 5 minutes no new comers are allowed to place bids on that auction.

The bidders who place their marker can continue to bid, but must constantly bid in order to remain active in the bidding. If a bidder tries to sit out to long, then that bidder would be ejected from that auction and no longer allowed to bid on that item.

This concept would then control power bidders, as well as collusion

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