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So we're allowed to share contact info now?

Started by eshopper , Apr 21 2010 06:18 PM

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dragon ball
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dragon ball....Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this post. In fact, I always enjoy reading your posts. You seem like a very nice person...always upbeat and looking at the bright side of things. I wish I could be more like you. We could definitely benefit from having more people like you around....thanks for brightening up PAW!! __________________
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suzyq aka cwazywabbit

Thank You. I'm just saying my post is long but we just point fingers back and forth not getting anywhere so I just thought to wash everything down clean again and just start fresh. It's not easy but no matter what nobody is always 100% correct. There is always little reflection of everything. So just like a tour guide has 50 people tourist on the bus and he is taking them to sight seeing. When the tour is over not everyone enjoyed it. If more than half are happy then the tour guide will be happy. No matter what there is always happy and sad just like winners losers or positive/negative. So all we can do is try to get along. Look at any work place or environment there is always someone we don't get along with so all we do is try. If you argue then two people mad then people get fired from work. Let's just try to have a happy bidding. If not there is plenty of more auctions and many sites to play or other hobbies to find but let's try not to get others and yourself stressed out not worth it. :)


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Hey guys, admin just opened an official boc thread in site discussion area, anything else here will be deleted. Go on over and everybody be nice! I think Dragonball should have the first post. ali


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Since this thread was supposed to be about the sharing of personal contact info and has turned into a bidoncash collusion forum I am closing this fourm for any further posts. To prevent any other future possibility of collusion the posting of personal contact info will not be allowed on PAW. Please take all discussion of Bidoncash to the new "Official bidoncash thread" We need all conversation on this to be in the open. Any posts about bidoncash not in the official forum will be moved or deleted. Thank you.

Edited by PennyAuctionWatch, 23 April 2010 - 02:17 AM.

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