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Is PennyAuctionBargains.com Legit?

Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Jul 29 2010 05:26 PM
bots penny auction pennyauctionbargains.com shills

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PennyAuctionBargains.com Penny Auction Seems Weird

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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To the Scam Artists: Enough is Enough


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PennyAuctionBargains.com Penny Auction Seems Weird

Won an auction there this morning. I'll report back if/when I receive my item.

Have to agree...something doesn't look right....


  • nixnutz7897
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I posted earlier that I would respoind if/when I received my item from pennyauctionbargains.com.

I received my $25 Red Lobster gift card today, so it appears that they're running a penny auction site that honors their wins (at least this one).

Now, with that said, I agree with everything I read in the link on the first post. The day I was referred to this site, I went and watched it a bit, as I usually do on a new site. First thing I noticed was that there wasn't a single familiar name bidding on the numerous auctions being run....hmmmmm. There's always someone I recognize at these new sites. Usually to my shagrin, more than one whom I choose not to test. :)

Still, they offer the typical free bids at registration, without the need to buy a bid pack, so I figured I'd have a go....and get my friend a few free bids in the process too. I believe I got 10 free bids, but I wasn't very optimistic. Tons of auctions going, but every single one had multiple bidders and bid buddies going. I also noticed some very bizarre bid habbits....

In my experience on other sites, there's one bidder in an auction running the show with a bid buddy or a sledgehammer-type bid tactic. On this site, there were multiple bid buddies firing with single bids in the middle of them and 5 different bidders bidding between bid buddies....just uncommon stuff from what I've experienced on other penny sites. I wasn't liking what I was seeing, but I can't resist when I've got some free bids....I believe you all can empathize with that too ;)

Anyway, I threw a couple bids at a small time gift card...I don't even remember what it was. Got outbid pretty directly and thought better of wasting anymore of those free bids. Decided to visit when it was a little less busy. I was still a little concerned about the lack of familiar names, but optomistic about the possibility that I may have found one that my foes had not, so I checked the history of closed auctions.

Not one single familiar name amongst the past winners and all their auctions had fetched beyond retail.....hmmm....also noticed there were only 25 closed auctions....wow!! This site IS new! But that begged another question...."How does such a new site find soooooooo many newbie bidders?"

I ventured back to the site a couple times after my initial exploration and the site was constantly buzzing with auctions and bidding. For a second I thought "Maybe I've crashed in on their beta testing and I've bid on a phony auction." Not certain, I still wanted to wait a bit before trying again.

So it's late morning on a Sunday...I take little peek back at the site and see that a Red Lobster gc is ending soon....no bids...traffic seems WAAAAY down from the other times I was there, so I have a go! 2 bids on a bid buddy, set at 3 seconds, and 5 cents total for the win (+ $1.00 shipping)only one bidder throwing single bids at me. That's more like it! LOL

Within 2 hours of winning the auction, I receive an email that my item has shipped (August 1st). Then today, August 5th, it's in my mailbox.

I bought a small bid pack after that win and have used some bids from it with no luck. I'm still leary, but I did receive my item, so I'm gonna try again.

Penny Auction Watch--There is a return address on the envelope and it's not "Red Lobster". I'd be willing to provide it to you for some follow-up, if you'd like. I can be reached at the email in my account. If you can't access my email there, hit me back and I'll get it to ya.

Good luck everyone...hope this was helpful.


PS...sorry for the long post...I always seem to do this!

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  • KSteven7
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I gave it a shot too. It looks like there may have been local advertising and there are just a lot of "new to pa" bidders there or something a little more devious. I agree the bidding is a little nuts, who sets an autobidder with just 1 bid? I also noticed that there are a number of bidders who would not bid against each other but really seemed to enjoy bidding against me @ 1 second. :smilielol5::smilielol5: I won 100 bid pack, $25 Outback (already received) $50 TGIF (status is shipped) and a $25 Chilis (status is also shipped) . I will check back in if those items arrive... Happy bidding all.
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This site seems fishy. There are people taking turns bidding last second on the item I am trying to win.
So theres some weird bots or people teaming up on me.
Somethings not right.

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