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Win limits for GiftCards4Pennies in place

Started by proadmin , Aug 03 2010 11:24 PM

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Good evening bidders!

I wanted to update you all on a new policy we are implementing starting tomorrow, 08/04/2010. There will now be win limits placed on all wins, regardless if they are bid packs or gift cards. Either way, there will be a limit of two wins per day per user.

I really didn't want to do have to implement this, but due to the fact there are a few that seem to dominate most of the auctions this is a must. We need to allow all users to have the same opportunity to win each and every auction. It's not fair that someone might have a lot of bids and be able to outbid you every single time. Now this will no longer be an issue. Each and every person will have the same opportunity to win.

So, starting tomorrow 08/04/2010 I will send out an email of what we will be posting for the day for auctions and therefore, you will be able to log in and see if you'd like an opportunity to bid on specific items or not. We will be working on implementing that process into the site so that you can just check to see what will be coming up on any given day to see if you'd like to bid or not.

Again, I want to thank you all for making our first week a success and for the opportunity to read all the feedback. I enjoy the chit chat in the support emails. Thank you so much!

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