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Started by dss@pw , Oct 08 2010 02:51 PM

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I was about to lose heart with PW but am greatly encouraged by the new win limits. I would like to see the boogie board writing gizmo again. Other items I would like to see.....gift card for Tire Kingdom as I'm looking at needing a new set soon : ) , cookware is an awesome idea. How about a prepaid netflix card, sewing machine, or mixer? In keeping with the theme of the site and with thoughts of Christmas just around the corner how about something like this? Amazon.com: Apache Ah-64 Feral Beast 4ch RC Helicopter: Toys & Games
Just brainstorming.
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Hey DSS... I just wanted to say Kudos on the new limits. I think you do a GREAT job of listening to the people bidding on your site.

I know I have seen in the past few days that the wealth has been shared. I also think your bottom line looks to be improving as the auctions seem to be far more competitive.

Keep up the great job DSS and you'll do well. I think the 3 win limit is very fair considering the size of your site. It's actually a lot less restrictive than a lot of other sites including Quibids which limits wins to 8 in 28 days, last I knew.


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Hey Dan,

This has nothing to do with stamping, but I've been watching your site for awhile. I just want to get a fell for it before I go ahead with buying a bid pack...

Anyway, I was just wondering how you regulate win limits, because I see that 1 individual has won 4 auctions these past couple days. If I read correctly, the win limit is set at 3...I would think that once that limit is reached that individual wouldn't be able to bid anymore.

This worries me. I would not want to be outbid by someone that's past their win limits, then have that auction cancelled, or other things....

I really do like the idea of your site and it makes this guppy feel a little better in big ocean that is PA's.

Great point & question. We instituted our 3 win per week limit basically mid-week which under normal circumstances would have been a mistake. But we were getting murdered by power bidders and couldn't wait until the following Sunday to institute. Therefore, as expected everyone, including us and our technology got confused and chaos ensued. Hindsight is wonderful isn't it? In any event, beginning Sunday at the stroke of midnight until 11:59:59 (or 23:59:59 for you Jarheads) Penny Warriors only allows 3 wins per bidder. That policy also includes bid packs and anything else we throw on the auction block. But not experiential auctions as discussed on PAW home page. Also, thanks for the kind words.



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