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Stay Away From This Penny Auction Site

Started by psych101 , Oct 12 2010 06:04 AM

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I won several things on DealDash and at the time I won, they gave us 3 weeks to pay for our wins. Without any notification, they switched it to 2 weeks so I was blocked from paying. I wrote the site and got an apology with a note saying that they'll offer 150 bids instead of my wins. I didn't want 150 bids, I don't use that site anymore sans the fact that my wins total $400 retail, not $100 retail. That offer was a joke. (I don't like a greedy site, a site that does not compensate for their own errors, a site that lists the retail price as retail + 25% and I find that once a site shows consistent unfairness that site can't be trusted). Well, it took another month to get a response, saying that he can't send me my wins but he's still trying to figure out what to do. Again, I reponded with 'I don't use the site but I want my wins. That was 6 weeks ago and once again, no response even after I've sent email after email.

This site is a scam. I contacted BBB but Dealdash.com (recreational shopping) does not exist with BBB. I just finished writing to the F.T.C. and attached every necessary email from Dealdash.

I just wanted everyone to be aware of this penny auction site and to bid at a more legitimate site. If they can rob me out of $400 I can only imagine what lies ahead from their active bidders.


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I am absolutely furious with my DealDash experience..I am not new to the penny auction sites and have won 4 ipads as well as several other ipod touch's nanos and a tv.....I know how to use these sites and how to bid etc..however DealDash just screwed me royally..first of all (and this was my fault for not researching first)I was bidding on a Sony Personal Internet viewer which they had priced at $274..I waited till the bidding had gotten to about $7.00 and only a few people were bidding and then started bidding using "bidbuddy" (which is like autobid on Quibids)there must have been 10 times that the timer got down to 00:00:00 with me as the high bidder..I would wait for the "you won" thing to pop up but 30-40 seconds would go by where it just sat there and suddenly someone else's bid popped up!
This happened so many times..I then went to the Sony website and saw that they sell the same item for $149!!!!! By this time I was invested so I decided to just use up my bids with the bid buddy option..all of a sudden right after the timer had said I was the final bidder..some other guy's bid pops up and it says he has won..I still had 173 bidbuddies left..I am so furious and have written customer support etc..don't expect any satisfaction from them....I will NEVER use DealDash again..I know that occasionally there are lags in time..but this happened too many times for it to be coincidence...Oh..I also fund out that they actually had priced this item at 475..then "deducted" $200 .making the "retail price" $274...it was my stupidity to not have known that they over priced their stuff so incredibly..QuiBids pricing is the same as you would find on the Apple site for an ipad for example...I will never ever use Dealdash again!

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