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Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Dec 01 2010 09:05 PM
penny auction penny auctions review swoopo

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Does anyone here bid on Auction | Cheap TV laptop ipod auctions - bid & win on Swoopo Swoopo is the first penny auction site.

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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I have bid on swoopo a couple times I actually won a Kinect from there in mid November, it hasnt shipped yet as they say it is on back-order. There seems to be some bad publicity on here about them and the way that they run their auctions and as hard as it is to win on there I am not sure I will be going back.


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Let's see. I've won several things- a gold pendant, 50.00 Best Buy card, Halo: Reach, Xbox Live Messenger Gold Pack, 50.00 Best Buy card, and a Juicy Couture wallet. All of this I won very easily and I was wayyyy ahead. But then, I wasted 300.00 on an Xbox. :( No BIN, so it can get costly. I had no problems winning those smaller 50-75 dollar items though.


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I heard it use to be a death wish to bid on swoopo before. There use to be people who drop a couple thousand dollars in bids and still lose. But I can see the traffic has died down tremendously since then.


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Does anyone here bid on Auction | Cheap TV laptop ipod auctions - bid & win on Swoopo Swoopo is the first penny auction site.

I used to bid on Swoopo exclusively for over a year and then I started to notice that people were working together and when I reported it Swoopo did absolutely nothing about it. These colluders appear to have very fat wallets so they end up winning nearly everything they have up for auction (mostly the more expensive items).

Now it has gotten even worse over there as they have removed any limitations so a bidder can win an unlimited amount of auctions each month, including bid vouchers.

If you check the reviews over at the BBB you can read my whole review for them under the name Shay D. I highly suspect they are involved in the cheating that takes place on their site. My review goes into full detail about my experience over at Swoopo and why I would never recommend that anyone spend even one penny over there.


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I played there a couple of weeks ago. Won a couple of little things, then a few bidders noticed that I had won and the next 4 auctions I bid on went for about 3 times retail and there was not bin. I doubt I will be back for a while. With no limits, there are a bunch that will not let you win. Seems like they work together and win a lot of items.


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Swoopo s@#ks. I used to bid there a lot when they had the full Buy It Now. I stopped when they eliminated the Buy It option. They sent me the email announcing they had eliminated win limits. And that is supposed to help anyone but the big bidders how exactly? You can find out plenty about the long history of collusion on swoopo by googling. I can't remember the search term I used, but there was much discussion on a German site about the "swoopo mafia". I used google translate to read it. The other thing that really pissed me off was that they had promotions in other countries, so that users in Korea and Japan, say, were getting double bids, and users in the UK were getting full bid refunds if they won, and all Americans got was 5% as an Easter special. So you see some guy from Japan win with 2,000 bids and they were all free!


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I have and want to kick myself. Figure this one, 50" Plasma TV goes up, stays on the hot list of a few seconds over and over for 20 hours. Then same TV comes up for Bid at the bottom of list. It last for a good 2 hours and sells for 11.00 to some guy. Meanwhile, first TV still going strong at well over $100.00 and some 38 hrs later, it goes to same exact Bidder. Now I had a large chunk of change on this, so I stayed up and watched this unfold and in no time, like magic same bidder, but no info. Hmmmm

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