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ok how many are gleeks out here

Started by rexter65 , Feb 09 2011 01:35 AM

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  • rexter65
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my girl is watching it and i see it reallly quit here :-38-:


  • thisonesmine
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Hahaha. I am not a Gleek. I enjoy the music and download it on iTunes, but not the show so much.


  • caveninit
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Never miss it...Rachel makes the weirdest faces when she lip syncs....fun to watch!
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Chris @ Penny Purses
  • Chris @ Penny Purses
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I am too embarassed to admit it.
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new bidder
  • new bidder
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I love Glee. I am definitely a gleek!


  • Windrider1967
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I just found glee this weekend .... and I will have to admit that I am a certified Gleek at this point. Kinda reminds me of the big hit when I was younger "Fame" Not necessarily a huge fan of some of the stories, my 12 year old likes them, but I have to say Kurt is my fave. The music is really suprisingly good. I can't necessarily say I love all the mashes, but alot of them are pretty good. And the "Heads will roll/Thriller" was great. Considering my daughter loves Hannah and Big Time Rush, I will gladly watch Glee with her rather than Nick.

My FAVE episode was the "A Rocky Horror Glee Show"


  • Windrider1967
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Tho I will say I watch "on demand" - will NOT give up my NCIS for Glee.


Fat Bottom Girls
  • Fat Bottom Girls
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Im a total Gleek :)

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