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A+++ for www.Pennyauction.com so far!

Started by lukescooto , Feb 27 2011 11:34 PM
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  • lukescooto
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I just wanted to post a quick note about a surprisingly new site, pennyauction.com and www.pennyauctions.com both the same site obviously. The reason I say surprisingly, is because im shocked that no one else had this name before. The owner says someone else had it but failed to do anything good with it, so he somehow aquired it.
Anyways, I bid and won a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard + Mouse and it was at my doorstep within 5 or 6 days. I know its not a large screen tv or ipad, but still. I give them credit, off to a good start. Also he had no bidpacks up and I suggested putting some up and he did so immediately, within the hour. Their email and facebook response times are excellent, great customer service, and very easy to get a hold of in general if theres any problems. So far i havent seen a negative to this site, other then they dont have alot of auctions up at a time yet, but im sure that will change over time. I really like them so far.:welcome:


  • chibrook
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I received an Applebee's card in 5 days from them. I really like them too - I wish they had more than four auctions a night though. They're all usually within a one-hour time period - and I keep missing that short window of time that auctions are running.


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Hey guys,

Thanks for the positive reviews. I promise we will be expanding our auction quantity and offerings. As lukescooto mentioned, the site was started by another company. We owned the domains and sold them to this company. The company that bought them and built the current site decided they no longer want to be in the penny auction business. We bought the domains back and inherited the site. The script the site runs on is limited and prevents us from moving forward too fast. We're in the process of redesigning the front of the site (what you see) and the back end (what makes it run). It's a long, sllloooowwwww process but it is moving forward.

I wanted to say that most issues we have experienced have been brought to our attention by site users. We understand how important your feedback is and always try to do our best to make changes as quickly as possible. We always appreciate the chance to interact with users. Thanks,



  • bigdad
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I've won a few things also on pennyauction.com. Received the wins quickly. Can't wait till the offer more auctions per day.

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