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Stay Away from PHPpennyauctions.com - Terrible Experience - Worst Support / Software

Started by evershawn , May 25 2011 03:12 PM
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Hey all,

I decided to start my own Penny Auction site and see how I do. Shopped around a bit and ended up deciding to roll the dice and buy the Phppennyauctions.com script. So I dropped 1200 bucks on the software and another small fortune on a dedicated server.

After getting the server set up I attempted to install the software. I ran in to a bug trying to run their installer script so I made a ticket. (This is suppose to come with free support for like 4 months with my package.)

A day later I get an email back from someone named 'Mark C.' saying; he can help me, but it's going to cost $50 bucks an hour. (What? Free Support?)

I reply asking about the free support I am suppose to have and my question is disregarded and I get a reply back saying I can hire them to help me or have someone else help and that is the only options.

At this point I am pretty unhappy with the service so I ask what the process is to get a refund since I haven't actually installed their software yet.

We have a little more back and forth, he's telling me there are no refunds and I'm blind for not reading that in their Terms of Service. All I am trying to do is figure out why he's not willing to help me figure out what the problem is with the software when I'm suppose to get free support. Their installer even says to make a ticket if I have a problem. If someone just dropped 1.2k with my company, I'd spend 2 minutes helping them out if they needed it. Seems like a much better option than spending 45 minutes showing my special super powers of being an absolute jerk.

Check out his last email to me:

You were forced to read and accept the Terms of Use and Scope of Support statement when you signed up for the checkout, because it's not possible to proceed past that point unless you accept them:


Feel free to verify that. We've had to argue that tangent before when the last jumped-up asshole didn't bother reading what they were buying and thought they could just throw $1000 at someone and have it their way. By the way, newsflash: Seeing as you're conducting business on our website, according to our terms, we aren't bound by any terms you might think are appropriate or enforceable. Otherwise I could say, "Hey, I just bought this car for $3000.. But I also have a policy where whenever I spend over $2.5k I also am allowed to sleep with your wife...!". When you put it like that, it's obviously ludicrous.

With that said, I've applied for your refund to be granted, because our (undisclosed) support policy strictly says "no assholes".

PS: I hear pennyauctionsoft.com are really good.


Mark C.
phpPennyAuction Support

If you do business with this company, this is what you have to look forward to.

Imagine getting your Penny Auction site up and running, customers flowing through and then this guy has this conniption fit while you're trying to get some urgent support from him because your website is in peril (which with this software, it appears it surely will be).

Buyers BEWARE!

This just happened this morning, I thought I would give everyone a heads up.

This company is Shady, Has Terrible Service and You can see how they speak to their customers with absolutely no respect. Doing business with them is setting yourself up for failure.

I am happy to provide screenshots or more details to any admin here if proof of any of this is required.

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