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Nailbidder: ElParra and Panchito the same person?

Started by joshpenman , Aug 13 2011 02:23 AM

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Was watching an insane auction on Nailbidder on Thursday...some worthless cooler that usually goes for like 18 cents went for $28.00! It looked like two of the three bidders, Panchito and ElParra may have been the same person trying to tag team the guy that won the auction, RedCobra. It looked to me like Panchito threw all of his bids (900 or so), and then ran out, and for no logical reason, ElParra came in and lobbed in another 500 bids, which made absolutely no sense in the context of the auction.

Has anyone ever had a similar issue on Nailbidder with suspicious bidding like this?
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Hi Joshpenman! Welcome to PAW. Thanks for posting about your experiences.

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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We have investigated this issue and there is nothing that leads us to believe they are the same person. However, we are going to monitor the sistuation closely. I can tell you this that we have over 10 different ways to check and we continue to find new ones, as of now it appears that this is 2 different people, from 2 different countries.


PS. Thanks for letting us know!


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Really liked nailbidder and the fact you can exchange your wins for amazon or paypal credit. Liked their blind auctions too. There is a notice on the site that says they are shutting down and planed on coming back I can only hope so. Great shipping great customer service equal great site.

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