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Write for Us!

Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Aug 29 2011 04:52 PM

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Penny Auction Watch is looking for writers!
  • Do you have an interesting bidding experience to share with the rest of the penny auction world?
  • Do you like researching and want to share your findings and expose shady penny auctions and script companies?
  • Have you won tons of items and want to share your wealth of knowledge with other bidders?
  • Want to get the word out about your terrible penny auction bidding experiences?
  • Have failed or succeeded at running a penny auction and want to share your knowledge with prospective site owners?
  • You just know that you can provide a FRESH prospective?
Write for us! Plus you'll get your own byline! If you're interested in becoming a writer for PAW, let me know!

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I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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