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My Own Strategy for Winning

Started by pennybids , Nov 02 2011 05:39 AM
bidding penny aucion strategies tips

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  • pennybids
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AS we all know most of the sites are using bots these days .. so its good if you register and analyze the site for some time ..
Here is what I am doing always..
Watch two auctions simultaneously and then analyze it how the timer is working..
1) Most of the timers with bots bid only at time between 3 sec - 20 sec (for a 20 sec timer).
2) Rest of the timers bid on lowest time as well means on 1 sec and 2 sec ..

Ok, so about first one - Analyze it for some time atleast 5 Auctions.. if you are sure that it never bids on lower time , then ignore all the auctions and stick your eyes on only one auction.. and when the time goes to 1 sec, bang your bid.. because Bots are already done with there job..
I got more then 80% success this way..

about 2nd one, its very tricky to analyze and decide when to bid, so in this case only bid when you will think the price is over the value of item..

I hope few people will increase there winning %age by using the first trick..

So cheers... lets start bidding.. :)


  • macyjee
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I'm a starter on online bidding. Your tips will probably help me to win small items.


  • BestPennyAuctions
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I am looking for forward to learning strategies from more people on this thread.


  • mdivk
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I lost interest on penny bid, never won.

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  • KafkaA
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Hi pennybids, It is incredibly cool of you to share your winning strategies...I definitely need the help!! I am a bit confused by a few things stated within your strategy #1 and be because it appears to be your most successful and favorite strategy, I was hoping that you would allow me the imposition of asking a few questions. If so, thank you so much in advance and these are the questions:

1. If you are watching an auction and discover that a bot is involved and it only bids between 3 - 20 seconds and hence, you make your move and bit at .01, two issues seem likely to me (I know that I must not be thinking this through correctly however, as your strategy is working). So...how do you get around the following:
1a. Once you bid .01, the clock increases that time back up to a timeline within which the bot can bid. I say this as I have tried at least 10 sites now and all of them increase the bid back to .08, when one bids at .01. In these cases then, it appears that the auction would just circle infinitely, i.e. with the bot bidding .03, then your .01 bid, the clock back to .08.....and the cycle goes on. What am I missing here, as I want to try this strategy!
2. If the bots job is to win the auction, then what I have noted on these sites is the bot lowering its bid down with each cycle reduction of the clock, i.e. if the timer increases to .20, then bidding continues to a point at which the clock then only increases to 13 and then one more drop after some bidding, when the clock drops to a .08 increase with each bid. The bots seem to keep their bids about right above the point of the drop that will occur next and eventually, they will drop to .01 to win. How to get around this, or I am just bidding on totally different sites?
Thanks again!


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@ KafkaA first and foremost this is not any attempt to "bash" or insult you in any way. I know you are new to penny auctions since I have watched you bid on bids4lessstore since approx last Nov. So please consider this as it is meant to be, nothing but a bit of friendly advice. A lot of newbies and some so called experts to the pa field believe jumping is an auction is a legit strategy. I for one consider which site the bidders are on. Sites like Beezid, DealDash, Quibids etc due to the amount of traffic they have daily, jumping is a viable and often necessary way to attempt wins. Low traffic sites such as bids4less, wickedbidder, Snipkit etc which often has auctions that come down to a battle of just 2 bidders, jumping is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Case in point you have "tagged" or placed one bid early in an auction and then that auction ends up being a battle between 2 other bidders. Once they have 100, 200, or even 300 bids invested and one seems to be preparing to give up or has given up you have came back in and started bidding. An experienced bidder with a couple of hundred bids invested will not bow out just because someone else jumped in. Frankly often all that does is piss them off (sorry can I use the p word?) Secondly take the time to know who you are bidding against often I see you take on several of the "heavy hitters" on that site that will spend whatever it takes just to build up or maintain their rep. To be successful in penny auctions takes a lot of research and patience! I have been in this for just about 3 years now and still spend most of my time researching, watching auctions and looking for any red flags. Have you and I ever battled on an auction No simply because I research. There are several great sites available for help and info but one of your biggest friends I have to say is allpennyauctions.com. You can research bidders and pa sites there quickly and during a live auction. Any questions you have you can post here, @ pennyburners, pa help etc and you will find many of us willing to help. Another social site you might want to look into is thebidlounge.com You will see with over 900 members there a lot of useful info on bidders and especially pa sites and you don't even have to post unless you want too. I have visited PAW often in the past years and just discovered last night I had never registered. Thanks Amanda for that help and quickly the reason I never registered is that you can view the threads here and I have never felt the need to respond to any of the info I read here in the past. But once I saw your post I truly wanted just to let you know what I have seen on the bids4less site with your bidding practices. And please again this is not anything but an attempt to point out one of the errors you are making. Not knowing who you bid against. Though the site is loving you for all the bid purchases its got to be taking a toll on you, I know I would be wondering what in the world am I doing wrong :S If you have any direct questions or comments to make to me feel free and I will make an attempt to come back here to check as often as possible however frankly most of my time is spent at thebidlounge. Take care and do the research you will find it does pay off :bigsmile:


  • Zan
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@Donahi: I agree with your opinion. I know penny auction sites can be quite daunting and newbies are very much enticed by their seductive appeal. Most of the time these bidders are the ones who turn into bitter customers who claim that penny auction sites are a scam. I know from experience that there is no definite winning strategy in winning penny auction bids and in fact studying has also enlightened me to this. In fact there are some websites and blogs dedicated fully for the sake of providing information to newbies with penny auctions. I think one of the most popular ones are pennyauctions.net and this one I personally visit although it's quite new, bestpennyauctionsonline.com. A lot of blogs, articles, and forums out there are total polar opposites in regards to opinion. Some lean on penny auctions being a total scam and some are endorsing them too much that it seems like it becomes a trap for new customers. I hope there are more new blogs that will develop for the sake of helping new bidders and not just for the sake of selling out their opinions.

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