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shooter-auctions.com site – used ICPennyBid penny auction script from ICloudCenter

Started by oberreviewer , Dec 17 2011 09:19 PM
icloudcenter icpennybid penny auction script shooter-auctions

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The site shooter-auctions.com sell guns, firearms and weapon . They decided to use penny auction as method to increase their sales.
Here is what they say on their About Us page:
" Welcome to Shooter Auctions, a fun and exciting, fast-paced auction website. You can win all sorts of firearms and sporting goods at incredibly low prices. Look at our homepage to see what products are up for auction right now, and if one catches your eye, buy some bids for a low price! After a bid is placed, we add a maximum of 10-20 seconds to the timer - to give someone else the chance to bid if they're interested. This serves as the "Going Once...Twice...SOLD" approach of auctions. If no one else bids and the timer reaches zero, you've won! If you don't win the auction, you never have to go away empty handed. Any time after you've placed your first bid in an auction, you can choose to buy the product for a discount using the Buy Now feature. This will help limit your losses so you don't have to leave all your bids on the table. You'll never have to pay more than the Retail Price for any products on Shooter Auctions.
How We Got Our Start
Shooter Auctions was started in May 2011 by a couple of guys interested in creating an exciting way to buy firearms and sporting goods. The company is based out of Charleston, SC. Our model is to provide great products in an exciting online environment. With our staff having many years of experience in C4ISR systems, weapon systems, and business development in the Department of Defense we decided to take our passion to personal firearms. We make every effort to provide the best products at the lowest prices. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations including the Wounded Warrior Project, Susan G Komen Cancer Research, as well as local "Scholarship" programs set up to provide scholarships to children of military personnel and local church organizations."

The true is that the site was opened in October 2011. The owners ordered site development from Nik Long , thestudio6.com , beginner graphic designer , who recommended to buy penny auction script ICPennyBid from ICloudCenter. Nik Long took one of built-in themes of the script and inserted a few custom made pictures. In spite of extremely low price of the script (it costs currently on Penny auction software, Penny auction script, Swoopo clone, Telebid clone, Madbid clone just $89.99), the site works without visible problems already more than 2 months. If you'll go to the site you'll see : every day some auctions are closed and somebody wins. At this moment there are 9 live auctions run at the same time and all works fine.
According to our investigation functionality of original script ICPennyBid from ICloudCenter was slightly changed and this work was successfully completed by script manufacturer - ICloudCenter company. For example How it works page says not to pay for weapon by Paypal. Indeed the site allows to purchase bid packages using Paypal, but winner is not allowed to pay with Paypal. He should pay offline.
To conclude it seems the owners of the site and especially Nik Long made great deal: very affordable and stable working script with decent support and customization abilities.

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