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Inaction by For10Cents.com Could Spur Class Action

Started by PennyAuctionWatch , Mar 02 2012 07:30 PM

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I just got off the phone with a bidder who told us he won an item on For10Cents.com 290 days ago and has yet to receive it. He is calling for all other For10Cents users to band together and file a class action lawsuit against the Illinois based penny auction site. On For10Cents’ redesigned homepage [...]Related posts:


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What do I think? 1. I'm glad Upaydouble is taking a stand! (I never played on that site.) 2. My conclusion from reading their email to customers is they are trying to borrow from Peter to pay Paul! 3. I hear a Queen song playing in my head!!!


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I just received a 50 Visa in the mail yesterday from them??? Anybody else getting their stuff??? I have talked with them many times on the phone and they kept assuring me that my stuff would be sent. But i was skeptical. Well i got 1 card. Still have a few to go.


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I am posting this in more than one topic in the hope I can reach as many people as possible:




I am ready to be part of filing a class action suit against For10Cents.  


Does anyone even know how to start something like this?  Not only do they owe me a lot of money, but many, many wins, some of them dating back two years.


I was hopeful they would have enough integrity to make it right, but not anymore.  It is plain selfishness and greed on the part of the owners not to try and fulfill their contract with us their customers.


I don't know how much help I can be as I am disabled.


Please reply to this post if you are interested, and we can muddle through this together.


I think the Attorney General of the State where the business resides may have some information.




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