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anyone know anything about "thegreatpennyauction.com" ? bots/shill?

Started by alhovi , Jul 28 2012 04:53 PM
bots new auction site shill bidding

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Hey everyone,

Just a little background on myself, I've been in the penny auction scene for a few years now, Been burned buy shill/bot bids and had my fair share of wins as well.

a couple of days ago I had a friend tell me about a site he had won some items on so i figured i'd check it out.
did a little research on it and couldn't find much of anything about the site. They use paypal for payment so i figured i'd take the gamble.

last night/this morning I've sunk in about 1000 bids into a TV here:

I went to bed with the bid buddy set, when i got up this morning, i started looking into the bidding history of the auction and I'm finding a few patterns

#1. when i have a bid buddy set up, it bids in at about 28 seconds, whenever any of the other bid buddies bids it's always at 4 sec.
#2. there are about 7 "people" that are "single bidding" on the item over night (10 hours)
#3. whenever there IS another bid buddy set up by someone else, it is always only for 1 or 2 bids.... i think i saw 3 bids one time.
#4. in the rules it says plane as day (

Only 1 win is allowed per 28 days on items with a value price $1,000.00 or greater

) yet still, i see users that have won $1000+ auctions in the last week bidding on this one.

Roger64 - LG 47: LED - $1200 value - ended 7/27/12
WetWillie - Samsung PN64E8000 - $3949.99 Value - ended 7/26/12

I understand that there is a possibility that these people really are bidding on the item, and staying up all night bidding on a single item for 10 hours..... but it just doesn't seem likely.
I've been in the scene long enough to understand how "most" bidding patterns will go, especially over night...

So, i guess what i'm asking is, has anyone got any information on this site? anyone actually won a large item? at the time of posting this the auction is still up.

and if you do decide to join the site, let em know ahovi sent ya

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