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What do you think about the new Inner-Loop/Sniper-Lockout function at BubbleBid.com?

Started by BubbleBid , Sep 22 2012 08:32 PM
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  • We would like to hear your feedback about the newly updated Active Bidder Protection called the
    Inner-Loop (Sniper-Lockout) function on our our Blaze Auctions and Blast Auctions.

    Example: $25 Gift Card with Inner-Loop protection set at 20 Bids placed within a 5 minute time-frame.
    In this example, the I-L protection kicks in and stays active whenever there is 20 bids placed in a short time frame (5 mins.) to protect these 'active' bidders.
    This could be 1 bidder placing all 20, or a few bidders who placed these 20 bids in that time. Everyone else is locked out until a time where there is no longer 20 bids placed within a 5 minute time-span, or until the auction is won of course.
    Currently the I-L protection is void however during the last 5 minutes of the countdown clock; to avoid the abuse of riding the I-L to the end of the clock to earns Bids-back. We would like your input on this, as we are considering shortening it to a 1 minute void window.

    We believe that this form of protection is very important to our Bidders, and we are the only reserve-based site to implement such a protection.
    To be fair, other sites have a Blitz option which can be a good thing since others are locked out during it's run. However, it can also be used specifically as a sniping tool against others and that's why we structured the Inner-Loop this way.

    Plus you can play along nicely with friends - or even enemies!

    Thanks for reading all of this and let us know and comments or suggestions.


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