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Charitytick: A good idea in theory, but . . .

Started by SavvyAussie , Dec 02 2012 01:47 AM

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  • SavvyAussie
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Charitytick occupies a niche market in the PA world, and it may not be for everyone. My question: Is it really for anyone?

I've been bidding on penny auctions for more than three years, and some of what seems to be happening on charitytick is highly unusual, possibly illegal, and arguably unethical.

The site caters to Jewish charities seeking to ramp up their fundraising via penny auctions geared to a specific charity each day. It's understandable that the auctions would attract "friends and family" of the charities, and even people working for said charities. The problem: I strongly suspect that friends, family, and charity workers are bidding on these auctions against—or one might say "for"—one another. Zalman Notik, CEO's of charitytick, has more or less admitted that much to me.

As I pointed out to Mr. Notik:

One: Friends and family shouldn't be bidding on the same auctions. Period. That's either team bidding or collusion—and it just isn't done. It does seem that some bidders are winning quite easily. If that's because bidders are "letting others win," then it seems as though there's no oversight on charitytick's part or possibly no understanding of the implications.
Two: Employees of other charities should not be bidding on the site. That's a clear conflict of interest as well.

Charitytick is starting its venture into the PA world under a cloud of suspicion. Going forward, I would recommend that the site examine all the auctions involving any questionable activity, void them, and refund everyone's bids or money. That's the right thing to do. Otherwise, there's a clear case for filing chargebacks against the site for allowing questionable bidding practices.

I discussed all this with Mr. Notik and don't feel he gave me satisfactory answers. Until the site conforms to accepted penny auction practices, I'd recommend steering clear of it.
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ANY time a new site attempts to mix borderline "gambling" with "charity", I'm a little suspicious. Point in case... my latest "verification request". ;)

Well said, though... and thanks for asking the tough questions!

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