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Don't look now, but he's gone and done it again!

Started by PulseAuction , Dec 12 2012 12:57 AM

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Or at least he's getting ready to.

Hi there, TNG (The New Guy) back at you from Pulse Auction.

If you remember, I let loose an early announcement back in November about some big changes here.

It was all about the massive changes to our site creating new auction types. it’s a real game changer (pun intended).
Now there are 3 new exciting ways to play: we have Secret Auctions, Party Auctions and of course, the old standard, Reserve Auctions.

But here's what's new.

I just found out BG (The Big Guy) is about to add even more enhancements to our site.

Now understand, BG hasn't yet given me the go - ahead to let you in on the coming upgrades....but, I thought I would just give you a little heads up.

Look out for some pretty cool changes happening real soon. According to BG, they should be all ready well before Christmas (or your favorite December holiday).

Stay tuned, Ill let you know as soon as its going live.



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What are secret and party auctions?

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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Hello there,

Here is your quick and easy answer.

SECRET AUCTIONS...are exactly what they sound like. Bidders are unknown to each other until the very end of the auction. Pulse Auction set up this new type of auction to bring even more excitement into the bidding arena. I mean, look everybody gets tired of the same old thing, right? Secret Auctions are here to add a layer of suspense to the bidding arena.

PARTY AUCTIONS...adds a different kind of suspense to the bidding arena. With a Party Auction, there is an assigned number of bidders set up before hand. Think of it like guests you invite to your Friday night party. And much like your party at home, if no one showed up for your party, you would probably end up cancelling it right? So, bottom line: PARTY AUCTIONS simply need a certain number of guests to show up to the party.

Does this help? I am here to help you and anyone else out here in the penny auction community.

If there is anything else I can for you, you can find me right here.



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To me it doesn't matter if its a secret auction or the way they used to be, where you saw the user names, because everyone just loads up the auto bidder on a $25.00 card and then sets the ABer for $19 or $20 dollars, so who really cares if it a secret auction, they end up paying close to retail anyway. And then you see who you bid against, no big deal to me.

Party auctions don't interest me, maybe they work. Good luck with the site.


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that is not me on this site it is a fake


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Hey, It seems there's some misunderstanding here.... let me see if I can add something here to make this a bit more clear.

Pulse Auction set up the SECRET AUCTIONS to help the majority of our bidders!

Here's what I mean:
Secret Auctions prevent any one bidder from getting that Power Bidder label.
Do you know what I am talking about here. You may not know this, but these Power Bidders keep bidding right up to the retail level ON PURPOSE!!!

Why do they do that? Actually, the answer is very simple. Often times these Power Bidders are nothing more than bullies behind the keyboard.

Pulse Auction has no tolerance on our site for bullies and we will take whatever means necessary to halt or prevent bullying here.

Thus, the team felt the creation of the SECRET AUCTION levels the playing filed for all

Hope this helps,

If you have any other thoughts or comments on this, please let me know right here.

TNG (the new guy)

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