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Prefunded Pay-To-Bid Method - The Next Generation

Started by socialshoppingnetwork , May 14 2013 10:37 PM
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Greetings to PAW!!

Welcome to Social Shopping Network®

We at Social Shopping Network ® want to enable high frequency real-time bidding to internet users without the worry of fraud/scam or being outbid by a bot software.

How do we accomplish this?

By adding a crowdfunding component to penny auctions.

How does it work?

So in every Social Shopping Network ® each item goes through 2 phases:
1. Funding Phase
2. Bidding Phase

Once an item is 100% funded it is opened for bidding.

Bids can be used on any item that is already opened for bidding.

How do I get bids?

You can get bids by funding items. You can bid on any item that is already opened for bidding.
Funding Packages:

  • $10 Get 10bids No Bonus
  • $20 Get 21bids 5% Bonus
  • $50 Get 55bids 10% Bonus
  • $100 Get 115bids 15% Bonus
  • $500 Get 600bids 20% Bonus

How can I be sure I am not outbid by a bot?

Every item needs to be %100 funded before the bidding is started. The house has already made its money and has no reason to cheat.

How can I register to become a bidder?

To further boost bidder authenticity, we will initially only allow registered Facebook users to bid. We plan to open up other social networks in the near future.

What if I lose the bidding?

Don´t worry! Most items will have Buy-It-Now option that will let you purchase the item for MSRP - (cash equivalent of bids used).

How Does This Involve Me?

From now you can bid and save %95 off MSRP from your next Amazon purchase or you can purchase the item at MSRP-(Cash Equilevant of bids).
So no matter what, you can buy the item for MSRP. Why not try to Bid & Save?

Never pay more than retail!

You can´t lose!

What is Live BidCast?

We want to allow Social Shopping Network® users truly interactive bidding experience, our users can fund/bid, chat, and enjoy the show! Social Shopping Network® Live Bidcast will be streamed to Youtube, Livestream, and Ustream.

Our Promise

Social Shopping Network® will be forever grateful to those who believe in this project before actually seeing it running. We have filed PCT and US patents for this invention. All funds received will be used for Facebook ads, and Amazon items or fees towards patenting.
Our biggest fear and obstacle is that we will get tons of copycats.
We would very much like to be the first Social Shopping Network® to launch and therefore we have turned towards you Indiegogo users and ask you to help us to do the right thing.

Social Shopping Network® is NOT an auction site. We are a branch of social commerce industry.

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