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Innovative New Auction Website

Started by theDoughChest , Jun 11 2013 12:41 AM

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I am happy to announce the launch of my special, new penny auction website: DoughChest.com. DoughChest is a reserve penny auction website with a twist. Here are DoughChest's features:

  • All bidding in auctions is free—after the pre-auction is over.
  • To bid in an auction you must bid in the pre-auction.
  • The person who bids the most in the pre-auction wins his or her bids back, doubled.
  • There is no timer on the pre-auction.
  • Similar to most penny auction websites, once the auction has started, if the timer reaches zero, the auction is over, however if there is a counter-bid, the timer resets.
  • In an auction, the timer reset amount starts at 20 seconds and goes down from there until it reaches 2 seconds.

I am happy to say that DoughChest is bot-free, firstly because I don't believe in ripping-off bidders, and secondly because due to the nature of DoughChest, I would have nearly no incentive to use bots.

If you join DoughChest in the next day (before noon on June 12) you will receive 5 free bids. DoughChest is one of the only penny auction website in the world where you can win a auction for the cost of one bid.

I really hope you check out my site, join, and bid. I would be glad to hear any comments, questions or reviews. :)

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