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if you are honest owner of PA web site how would you do business

Started by vrageczg , Jun 23 2013 04:23 PM

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Hello there.
I am from Croatia ( so excuse ma typing mistakes) :-)
last few months , every free time of mine is used to think, dream, searching, reading about PA business and scams and PA software so there is some of my thoughts and there is questions for all of you guys.

1. There is so many fake offers to buy PA software and build PA web site and its really though to find company you " think" you can trust to pay them money to built it for you and to get what you need. Assume its forbidden to give exact names so I would not , even I think I found one except on private, but still there is no guarantees they are really the right ones.

Generally if you see price of PAS between $ 100-900 you cud be sure its fake :-)
There is some who are not hiding who they are, from where they are, what part of bigger firm they represent ,but still what they offer, even price is arround $ 000-7000 is prety far away from What I need.
So the question is , do you know where to look for, in this search of right and functional PAS.
2.nd way of doing business:

penny auction are pretty smart idea and if they work honestly this is great place to spend good time, have a fun, have a thrill and at least buy something for our lost bids :-)

If I success in my intention , found an investor, my PA site will look like this :
1. there will be no auto bid from neither side.
--- its unfair to other users to use autobid option . sit there, be ready, have a fun and decide for your self when or if to put a bid and be sure everyone else has to do the same way.
--- its unfair from web site to use any kind of but , fake bidders etc. On long range they are doomed
and its cheating of people who comes to you to have a fun, to play and to keep your business alive

2. NO PA site does not give us any bonus points on our cumulative loses. why not.
If PA site has his profit already, why not to give some % of their cumulative loses from previous day ( if they didnt use buy now button ) as gift bonus to be used in purchasing something from their web store. Yes profit will be lesser but user satisfaction is much more valuable.
They spend so much money on marketing and referrals, affiliate program ,and than when user become their player, instead to hold them for a long time they just see short term money .

3. Each auction who last 3-4 or more hours are probably already pure profitable auction.
I would want such PA firm to show respect for my time and used bids, and to not let any new jumpers to ruin all my efforts. If they are close to make profit or already in, than its time to show some respect and honour their users by locking auction and to let just those who already have their bids to continue.

4. I would insist to give users an option as many time as I cud, to choose which item to be at auction
each day ( less expensive items) or for the weekend ( laptops, tv, tablets etc). Its very important to have auction items which are desirable and there is not better audience to deside than you own users.

5. for auction firm and for users, by my opinion, the best model of auction is seated auction.
--- once its start auction have profit guaranteed
--- users are sure that they will spend no more and no less than the cost of seat is.
--- all users are in same position,, there is non to have more or less bids to spend
--- all users to have clear view of all others.. how much bids they spend inside auction , who have left with how much etc. and to concentrate only on their own strategy.

6 to allow in those seated auction more winners . let say :
there is 40 seats for 30 bids each . ...1 .price is 200 bids pack , 2nd and 3rd price is something worth $200 each .
first auction is finished , winner is out and the rest of you continue to fight with rest of your bids for second and than third price. This mean strategy and plan, are essential. Do I will pursue first price or will save bids for second or even third auction. Each way auction firm have profit and you have fun .

7. in open auction or locked one, if I already made profit as auctioneer , why not inform my users who are bidding in this auction that last 10 bidders at the end of auction will be rewarded with 30 free bids back or with 100 % lost bids if its less than 30 spend. This way I am showing you respect and in the same time you know if you spend a little more at this auction it would not cost you more cause this additional bids can be free if you hold to keep last ten places.
Auction house would loose cause there is a big chance those involved users will be more willing to spent some additional bids in effort to win.

there is more.... but I would love to hear some of your ideas also.

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