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Get your bids back if you win?

Started by troysavary , Jul 29 2013 10:13 PM

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  • troysavary
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I'd be the first to admit that I am really not that familiar with the various penny Auction sites, having really only bid on QuiBids before, so when I was perusing TripleClicks, I saw an auction where you got the bid credits back if you won the auction. Naturally, this inspired me to bid a lot more, which, I guess is the point. I ended up winning the auction after spending a LOT of bids on what really was a minor items. But since they give member rewrd points for every bid, I made out like a bandit, and got my bids back. Do those here with more experience know if any other penny auction sites have this same auction type?


  • penny_adventurer
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I would have a step back about this "get your bids back" thing... after all, how would they make any money out of bids they sell then?


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Well, I've seen sites that let you BIN and get bids back...

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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  • Reptilian
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Hi Admin, is there any way I can PM you about something?


  • blocknesmonster
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I agree. I don't get the concept of recycled bids. The only penny auction site you get real value for your money even if you lose an auction is City Hits. On www.cityhits.com, for every dollar you spend on City Packs (bid packs) you get equal value in Store Cash for the deal store which features national and local deals at sharper discounts than Groupon, Living Social etc.

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