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Little baby bids....................1out of 5

Started by Mike , Aug 05 2013 01:05 AM

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I tried this site out, you could win bids for 1 cent, plus i believe a $1.49 auction free, won most if not all for well less the $2.00. If you don't use your bids up within 2 weeks they delete them, not a good thing, bids that you pay for they steal from you.

I won 6 $10.00 gift cards from them, the first 2 were Chili gift cards, this was on July 1st and the 4th..........NEVER RECEIVED THEM. Won 4 more cards 3 Walmart cards and a Amazon card, have not received them. They do not respond to my 6 emails to them (contact us page) and the email address they provide on PayPal as verified....no response.

They did respond when I got pissed and filed a PayPal dispute, they said that they never received my emails, I guess they didn't get the email from me that was listed as verified by PayPal either.

They said that the 2 Chili gift cards auctions were voided because there system was faulty and they returned all bids and refunded my money to PayPal, only no such record of money received back to my PayPal account, so they lied.

To be far here I did receive 1 card, that was about 2 weeks ago, don't expect anymore. The last auction I won was about 3 weeks ago, after the end of the auction I had 99 bids left, next day I went back the 99 bids were gone.

I hope PayPal does there job and refunds me, the money involved here is very little (a large pizza and a pitcher of beer) I don't care about this money, but anyone who see's this PA be warned. They changed there format about 5 days ago and so far it seems that any members they had are gone.

http://littlebabybid............crummy site, they screwed me.

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