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Ferrari auction coming up on Auctionpsychic.co

Started by AuctionPsych , Aug 07 2013 09:45 PM
auction car auction ferrari

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Auction Psychic is hosting and auction for a 2009 Ferrari! Visit the website now to see how you can win BIG!!!


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It might be legit, but I've noticed a few things about it which doesn't help give off the legit feeling.

Such as the fact that every day I've checked, 'amcoffee' has won something new but nobody else apparently?

Also the general feeling of the website is cheap and not very well designed but that's just my opinion.

The site doesn't seem to be all that popular, so how does anyone expect to ever win the Ferrari? I believe Auction Psychic's auction model is purely gambling due to there being NO skill at all involved in guessing a number, it's a lottery/raffle which should be governed by the GC.

The Ferrari has a 'price range' of $ 0.00 to $ 10,000,000.00. That means that any penny amount within that range could be the winner. Meaning technically a 10 million to 1 chance of winning. The odds of winning the UK Lottery Jackpot is 13,983,816 so you've nearly got the same chance of winning that!

I also think that the company is offering more than they can give. If I guessed correctly on the my first bid, before anyone else has bid (the chances of that are SLIM) is the company really financially positioned to spend £1m on a new Ferrari Enzo for me? I highly doubt it.

To the owner of Auction Psychic, please take this as constructive criticism, I'm not trying to be damaging to your website I'm just trying to help you out from a customers perspective.

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