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Ps4 for Pennies?

Started by flamer123 , Oct 05 2013 02:11 AM
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Hey penny players. It has been a while, but I was wondering if anyone has any good strategies or ideas on scoring a ps4 for cheap. Has tere been any prerelease auctions or do I need to wait till end of november till they appear?


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I think I've seen some PS4's on Beezid recently, and of course, TacoBell is giving 4000 PS4's  away.  Buy a $5.00 box meal and enter the code via text message for a chance.  Also might follow them on Twitter, as they have had a couple contests as well for PS4.    Hope this helps.

"I think I should make myself clear on something. On the phone when we last spoke I gave you verbal authorization to use the base script (telebid auction script) in your current system. When I get a chance I will send you written authorization. I will however never offer you the services of my design or coding team as I may re-enter the script market again and this would create a conflict of interest. "  per email from Josh McDonald  11/20/2011

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