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Madbid users - I'm a bit dubious....

Started by jonesin123 , Jan 22 2014 09:21 PM

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I'm relatively new to the world of penny auctions.  I've mainly just been watching auctions and have recently been introduidced to the AllPennyAuctions site where you can view people's bidding history.


I'll use one as an example, but I have seen several of users that fit the same profile.


So the user I'm currently looking at has the following:

Bids Placed:  29,516

Spent/Won:  $23,014.25 / $7,399.81

Net:  $-15,614.44


So, this person has spent 23k using this website and is collectively down 15.6K!!!!????


This baffles me.  Surely nobody is that stupid to get stuck on an auction site to the point where they're that far out of pocket?  My questions are:


1)  Is this person using stolen credit cards therefore making it pointless for me to compete against assuming they're never going to give up?


2)  Could this be a bot or some sort of inside job by the website itself?


3)  Could this person really be that stupid.  Taking into mind, I have seen at least 10 different people with the same sort of profile.





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All Penny Auctions is not a science when it comes to bid value.  The estimate they give for the money spent is based on the number of bids placed times the bid price on their site.

It can't differentiate between the discounted, paid, and free bids.   So if a member wins a 500 bidpack for 50 bids @ .50 a bid, then they spent $25 for a 500 bids, or  .05 per bid.   That starts throwing the number of AllPennyAuctions out of wack.     If you get a deal buy one get 1 free bid pack and purchase 1000 bids, the 2nd 1000 are free bids.   All Penny Auctions doesn't account for this discount.

"I think I should make myself clear on something. On the phone when we last spoke I gave you verbal authorization to use the base script (telebid auction script) in your current system. When I get a chance I will send you written authorization. I will however never offer you the services of my design or coding team as I may re-enter the script market again and this would create a conflict of interest. "  per email from Josh McDonald  11/20/2011


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Was wondering this myself today as I'm try our MadBid. Might post a review of the service at some point once I have tried it out for a week. I think trying to win the bid packs as you mentioned above might be a better strategy.


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