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The Fall Of an Empire

Started by RockyMountainBids , Mar 18 2014 02:12 AM
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Hi all,


Just stopped in to see what was going on, and I see vey little.

I am afraid that the penny auction Empire is falling fast. I never thought that

Bid Cactus would ever go out of business, but now they have merged

with Beezid... Another downsizing of the Penny Auction Empire.


As you may or may not know, I am a former Penny Auction owner, and I was

for a time banned from every forum except P. B., and yes, it was my fault.


Now that we are at this point of discussion, I want to appologize to each

and every one of you that had to read my railings on sites and bidders, but

I thought you all were looking for the truth.

Anyway, I am so sorry... I have hqad two years to think about what I said and

how I said it... Thats the key... It was not what I had to say, but it was how I said it.


At any rate I am a changed person... I quit, because I saw the decline,

and nothing a penny auction owner can do...

Some of it is due to poor management, and some of it is just fate, I guess.

I took it upon myself to study sites and bidders, and report what I saw

going on, and some thought I was seriously stepping on the toes of their

favorite site, and YES, you are right.  I did not really realize how I was putting

out the news, and that became quite destructive of my image.


A special appology goes out to Amanda Lee... I sure caused her a lot of grief,

and she warned me several times to tone it down, and looking over the archives,

I now see that when she warned me, I even got worse.

I have learned in these two years, that I really dont have to respond at all to

nasty statements, from other forum users...

It is almost like there is a mute button, and you just ignore them.


At any rate Amanda, I am so sorry for the harrassment I gave you.


Now back to the subject.  There are ways to correct the faults in the penny

auction industry.

I wont go into them here and now, but the industry can be saved. Penny auctions

are nearly a thiong of the past, but just like there is a way to save the U.S. from

sliding on into an abyss, the same can be said of the penny auction empire.


I would be happy to help any penny auction owner that is having trouble keeping

their site from failure.

At this point, penny auctions are nearly a thing of the past.

No one is using the forums, and blogs any more. Used to be there were tons of

comments, but look at it now. P.B. is dead, and I mean completely dead, and when I

go to TBL, there are 10-15 users, when there used to be 45-50 anytime during the


Now to PennyAuctionWathch.  There used to be enough users at any given time to have

a good old penny auction  fight, but not now...

What has happened? 

It is the same bidders whether they are power bidders or whatever, and it is the same

old prizes... Still the same old fun (most of the time)


I slip into an auction once in a while when I can find one that is open.

my user name on all of them is kidd6649. I  am not a power bidder, but if it is an item

I really want, I will play hard... I will pay for it.


I beleive that the forims can be saved as well... They just need to return to the freedom

of speaking what is on your mind, as long as it is not nasty, or hurtful to the other users.

The forums wewre not designed to be a battle ground, they were designed for the users

to chat with one another, and discuss what they have won, the weather, their daily lives,

and so on, like any other forum.


Anyway, I predicted the fall of the Empire, and it is fastly falling, but it can be reversed.

Thank you for letting me post this...


Bill  (MP)




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