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What should we call our "Secret Price"? (in High Bid auction)

Started by ship69 , Jun 11 2014 10:33 AM

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We need some help re-branding a feature on our auction site. 
On our site, in addition to the highest bid being accepted, also (on certain Lots) ALL bids above a hidden/"secret" price are also accepted. We currently call this the "Secret Price" but that is not very self-explanatory and we need to rename it.
But what the heck should we call it? 
- "Secret Reserve Price" 
- "Multiple Winners Price" 
- "Multi-Winners Price" 
- "Multi-Winner Price" 
- "Secret Multi-Winner Price" 
- "Secret Multi-Winners Price" <== my preferred option 
- "Secret Multiple Winners Price" 
- "Secret Everyone Wins Price" <== also not bad 
- "Secret Wins Price" (but sounds fishy) 
- "Secret Discount Price" 
- "Hidden Winners Price" 
- "Guaranteed Wins Price" 
- "Secret Instant Win Price" 
- "Secret Instant Wins Price" 
- "Secret Instant Winners Price" 
- "Secret Instant Win Amount" 
- "Secret Community Price" 
- "Secret Bidding Community Price" 
- "Hidden Max Discount Price" 
- "Secret Bargains Level" 
- "Secret Bargains Price" 
- "Secret Buy-One-Now Price" 
- "Hidden Group Price" 
- "Hidden Bids-Above-Win Price 
- "Secret All-Bids-Win Price" 
- ...? 
The key point is that although individual wins are published, this price is never disclosed and that it has to stay "secret" or "hidden" in order to protect the seller and retail prices. 
To recap: 
- It needs to be clear that part of the game is that this price is not disclosed. 
- It needs to convey that multiple wins are possible. 
- It needs to sound honest, un-threatening & legit (as indeed it is!). 
- It needs to be short and snappy. 
Any suggestions? 

P.S. Our site functions slightly differently from a conventional penny auction site, but it would be extremely helpful to get your feedback just the same.


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I think the way you are presenting it is confusing... Can you explain how it works exactly? Is this like a lowest unique bid site?

I believe that the more penny auction bidders that come together and post their honest experiences, exposing the shady-scam penny auction sites, the less and less shady-scam sites will stop being the majority in the penny auction industry. Stand with me.

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