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Started by lexus4her , Jul 07 2014 09:41 PM

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Stay far away from bidwow.com, the site is full of bots, and when you question the owner he tells you that you are not winning because you are being out bid by powerful bidders is a crock.  I can bid on 100 different items and the outcome is always the same, as soon as you place one bid you are attacked by bidders all different names, until you quit bidding, and as soon as you quit bidding the next bidder that places a bid wins. The only auctions you can win are for bid packs.   I told the owner to close my account and this is what he sent me:


You have been on the site for quite sometime, we don't want you to leave the site with a bad taste.
What is going to make your happy something reasonable? We will await your reply.
I told him I only want to be able to win fairly, so I purchased a bidpack I had won cause I thought maybe hahaha they were going to take the bots off. As soon as I purchased the bidpack I won I got this email for the owner.
We noticed that you are still bidding on our site and you have just won a auction as well. From day one you were not happy with our site. You actually questioned the integrity of our site and threatened us to charge back and you are still playing on our site after we have refunded you all your money.

We are targeting the whole United States and we want people to be a part of our site.  In various new forms of advertising. Mainly a different market place then most of the current large ones. Also we would like to bring your attention that you may not win on a site for a month or win 3 to 4 products the first day on a site as well, that depends completely on your bidding skills and heavily on LUCK.  We have refunded all of your money, and we no longer owe you anything. We are in the process to refund the $0.26 that you paid just now.

You can take this email as a confirmation that we are closing your account as we don't want people who threaten to charge back, question the integrity of our site, and even after refunding every all of your money you are still bidding on our site. There are a lot of penny auctions to sites to choose from you can always go to the sites which you feel are fair and good. We are sorry you didn't win anything desired. And hope you understand that all types of penny auctions rely heavily on luck.  Thank you for being a part of Bidwow


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Hi, I am not positive, but I think I may have found proof that bidwow is full of bots like you say. I thought becuase they had a good rating with BBB they might be legit. However, it seems like it might be more about gambling than auctioning. No different than video poker, just instead of feeding coins or bills, you feed the machine bids. That being said, just like you CAN win at video poker, you probably CAN win at this bidwow site.


Anyway, try this. Go to their site and find the recently won section, watch it for a while and jot down a few of the usernames. Then simply enter those names into google. I wonder if one were to collect all the cached history of these usernames, if there is a proof of bots buried in there somewhere. The time stamps perhaps? Frequency? Just a thought. I have only used 10 of my bids, and I am going to try and get a refund.

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