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Penny Auction Software

Started by sellerbay , Oct 13 2014 11:26 PM
What company made Quibids

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I just need to make sure Penny Auction Guru is for real, did they really made Quibids and Beezid site? if somebody knows please let me know. I don't want to spend money with a fake company.


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  • radarman2000
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Really? Ask yourself a very basic question.....if it sounds too good to be true, is it? You think the scammer who did PennyAuctionGuru also wrote Quibids? C'mon, common sense here. PennyAuctionGuru is just another Josh McDonald scam. Search this forum if you dont know who that is.


NEVER believe a claim like that on face value. He wants your money so he'll say anything. All he did was copy the layout and graphics from Quibids, He didnt write shit form them, he stole (cloned) thier look, thats it.


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Who are the legit software vendors? PennyAuctionSoft?  Anyone? 


I have read a lot of your post  where you slam everyone, and maybe it's deserved, but do you know of any company that sells the real deal? 

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  • MedicDan
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After speaking with every company imaginable, I have determined that no current penny auction software company that sells any variation of a PHP script can be trusted. 


Few things I learned. 


1. All software has auto bidding to bid against the customers. One firm (if you can call them that) was willing to remove it for a fee. I can't believe that no one offered a product without this, but I was not able to find one. 


2. No vendor was willing to share any references. They all tell you the same story, it's for privacy of the customer. But that's simply not true. I emailed every single Penny auction company I could find that ran PHP software. No one had anything good to say about the firm they purchased from. 


3. Most of the timers don't work. You can verify this yourself with a stopwatch. Although, I guess if you have a robot bidding for you, it doesn't matter if the timer is accurate or not. On one site 60 seconds was really about 70-90 seconds depending on when we tested it. When I inquired about this, I got an emailing saying that they developed a script to fix this. If that's true, why was it not running on the demo site? 


4. With the exception of one firm, no one was professional. The one firm that I was most impressed by, we were about to do a deal, and I decided I needed a few more days to have a consultant look at the technology he used. This sent him into hyper rudeness mode and he even suggested that I was nothing more than a cockroach that wasted his time. 


In conclusion, and from the advice of people that emailed me that currently run PHP software, I would never purchase a PHP script. The attraction to only spending a few thousand dollars to get started is similar to buying a box of chocolates only to learn, it's a box of dog feces that looks like chocolate. 


We may still have a site built, I'm currently investigating this and should have some idea of cost within a few weeks.


Anyone is welcome to ask any questions if they like. I just won't post company names as it would really serve no purpose at this point.


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Hello MedicDan - we operated a penny auction site between 2011 and 2014 called AnniesBid.com.  We closed operations and are in the process of selling our assets, including our code.  It was a custom built site based on a well known HMV framework.  The company that built it is still in business and probably code make modifications for you and/or customize it.  Feel free to get in touch by emailing info@anniesbid.com.

AnniesBid.com - Where Bidding is Giving

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