Libelous Claims Regarding Penny Auction Watch

On Friday August 28th, I found this post on Yahoo Answers:


is it actually something that works or is a one big scam and this goes the same for other sites like that?


I was just browsing Google when I found this question and quite a few other questions about

It looks like they are a new site as their domain was registered about 2 months ago, but they seem to be advertising all over facebook (which is how I found them) so I’m not sure if I believe they are using bots to control their auctions.

They don’t seem to have that many good reviews, which is a pity as I have won an ipod touch.

I am currently waiting for delivery of it, they emailed me and asked me to confirm my ID by scanning in my drivers license so I am quite optimistic about getting it.

If you look closely at all the negative attention ipennybid is getting, you can see it’s all being generated by And even more interestingly I found this blog: http:// bidcactusisascam .blogspot. com

IN RESPONSE TO BRAD: What are you talking about a Russian payment system?

I used PayPal to pay for my bids and I’m sure they are using a payment processor called plimus which is based in San Jose, California.


My own knowledge
Answerer 2: Meaning no disrespect to the previous poster, but faxing a copy of your drivers licence to an overseas site (that uses a russsian payment system?) seems like an open invitation to have your identity STOLEN. Actually: If you paid by credit card AND faxed your licence info I’d recommend you cancel the card immediately….


Speaking of, They want to sue me for defamation. I did not call them a scam anywhere I only asked the question and said that it looks like they might have shill bidders. If you have won an item on IpennyBid please let us know we are only trying to find out if they are legitimate, same goes for any other penny auction site mentioned in this blog and forum. It’s also quite interesting and scary if Ipennybid really asks for a scan of winning bidders driver’s licenses.

Here’s the blog that the user of Ipennybid referred to:

penny auction watch scam

I have never been convicted of any crime. This post on blogspot is libelous and slandering me and Penny Auction Watch.

I left a comment and they deleted it.

deleted comment

I’ve set out to provide an outlet for discussion of penny auction sites and to determine which ones are legit. Gertrude also falsely accuses Penny Auction Watch of being owned by a conglomeration of 4 penny auction sites.  They also lay claim that they spent two days bidding on a MacBook on BidCactus. I’ve just confirmed with BidCactus that they have never even had a MacBook auction.

Penny Auction Watch is NOT owned by any penny auction sites and the owner of penny auction watch does not own a penny auction site.

Anyway,  here’s the libelous  blog by “Gertrude” as found on and is a SCAM is using SHILLBIDDERS to bid on their auctions in order to SCAM their customers, oh and is helping them!

They took my money which totaled $850 and I didn’t win a thing. I was constantly bidding on a MacBook pro for about TWO DAYS. There must have been about 50 different bidders in the space of 5 minutes all placing single random bids at one point during my two day nightmare.

Friday, August 28, 2009 owner is a convicted fraudster

I have just received some interesting information from a friend that I thought I would share with you.Apparently, the main owner of has been convicted of defrauding people by using “phishing” techniques.He was convicted by a court in California approximately 3 years ago and has since been released from a federal prison.

If you have an account on I would seriously recommend deleting it or changing your passwords. The owner can see your password and will most likely use it to login to any other online accounts you have, especially Internet banking.

Need proof? Check this out:
The domain was created on the 26th May 2009, and was registered in the name of a company called “Domains by Proxy, Inc.”

Why would anyone create a domain that is completely anonymous? – That’s right, to SCAM people. They think they cannot be traced with this anonymous domain name.

I will not rest until the owners of this site cease what they are doing.

I am in the process of diligently gathering information on this website and its owners. I have accumulated quite a high amount of information by accessing their domain ownership and contacting their server hosts.

I will post more information soon about my progress on taking down these owners. I will also be looking for people to submit into a class action lawsuit with me against these owners who commit this evil fraud upon unsuspecting people while trying to give the impression they’re an impartial watchdog service.

It’s WRONG, and you WILL be taken DOWN.

I have the patience, intelligence, connections and funds to do so and it’s just a matter of time until you are brought to justice.

Posted by Gertrude at 10:14 PM 4 comments
Labels: california, convicted, fraud, fresno,

Although I can’t say for a fact it almost seems as if this blogspot blog   “Exposing Penny Auction Watch” was created by a penny auction site that has been mentioned on Penny Auction Watch.

I will be taking further action.
Comments & Suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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  • Bloo123456 August 31, 2009, 10:04 am

    wow… this guy just isnt nuts… he is probably explaining his own story.. the person who went to jail is probably himself. probably he became retarded from staying in jail for a very long time. and according to me.. he is totally qualified to be the president of the retard clan. i dont know what i am saying. but it sure as hell better than what he is talking about… i have a question for this guy… just because u lost a hundred dollars on an auction doesnt mean that the site is just ridiculous and a scam. and this is for Bidcactus. which is a very legit site and i have won a 50 dollar american express gift card when the site first started up and people were bidding like crazy. well i didnt really win it. but the site script had some problems in it and because of that i couldnt bid at the last moments, and they understood the whole situation and sent me the giftcard, even though i didnt win it literally.. so dont be going around accusing sites to be a scam before doing your research.

  • Ryan August 31, 2009, 11:17 am

    Never, ever, ever scan your drivers license or other indentification material to an unknown website (this could really be applied to ANY website) What on earth would they need that for?

  • Eileen September 2, 2009, 5:11 pm

    Penny Auction Watch is not a scam! They are here to help bidders NOT get taken for a scam! AND they are here to help bidders find great legit sites! There are many seasoned bidders who are members of this forum and I trust their opinions along with PAW! There are some pretty slick looking sites and at first glance it may seem like they are legit, but if you look further into the site, you may find that they are actually pretty shady! Some people may not be aware (which is what those sites count on) or know what to look for and that's why PAW is so valuable, because they Watch and report what is happening in a Penny Auction. They don't tell anyone not to use a site – only to use caution. Thank you Penny Auction Watch!

  • Robert September 6, 2009, 8:08 pm


    I also think PAW is a good idea. There only problem is having members like Ryan that doesn’t give an opion but trashes and tries to ridicule others. This type of member will only bring trouble to PAW if he it’s one of them and if he is then needs to rethink how he judges others he doesn’t know.

    I frequent many forums on many different topics and conmments like ryans can bring in law suits on either forum and/or member.

    Like I said I think PAW is a good ited as there are a lot of scams going around. But be very careful as to who or what you are alleging to be a scam as the can backfire on you Mr RYAN. To make allogations like that you need proof and whitnesses towrads that having happened. Slanndering new websites with such alligations is not the way to conduct a proper watch dog service. You need a lot more experience and knowlage than you have before going around publically slanndering and accusing others of things you can not proove.

    I say this for your own good. If you do not own PAW in any way I would suggest that PAW have a chat to you as they themselves may find themselves in trouble because of you.

    There is a wrong way and a right way of doing things and you are nowhere near doing it right.


  • April October 23, 2009, 1:44 pm


    It looks like 2 people had a little extra crazy with their breakfast.

    Pro tip: Never take legal advice from someone who can't spell "witness".

  • WTF February 27, 2010, 9:01 am

    Anyone who thinks they will come out ahead on these types of sites are stupid. The only people making money are the people running these scams. Yes, scams. Paying for a finite amount of bids and then competing against and infinite amount of people for the same product, are you stupid? If your dumb enough to use this method to "win" (purchase) an item, then you should never complain about losing your money again. Look up idiot in the dictionary and you will see your picture.

  • married2nalien November 18, 2010, 2:10 pm

    What do you think the lottery is??? You purchase a finite number of ‘bids’ (tickets) and compete against and infinite number of people in hopes of winning…. no one complains about how the lottery is run and calling everyone who plays stupid.

    BTW if you think penny auctions are stupid, what are you doing on here???


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