Dime-Divas.com Rewards Members with New Glam Bucks Shop

dime-divas.com storeDime-Divas.com, the designer handbag and accessory penny auction site, will soon be introducing a unique rewards program.

Glam Bucks

For every bid placed on any auction on Dime Divas, users earn 10 Glam Bucks. So far users have been able to redeem their Glam Bucks for Spafinder.com gift certificates.

New Glam Bucks Shop

Now to further extend their appreciate to their members,  starting on Monday, Dime Divas will open their Glam Bucks Shop. Users can use their Glam Bucks to redeem some  fashionable accessories such as wallets, wristlets, key chains, luggage tags, umbrellas and much more.  A few of the current items include a Coach Poppy leather wallet for 6,400 Glam Bucks, and a Kate Spade Annabel Renwick Street handbag for 7,600. They still have the Spafinder gift card available for those who prefer some R&R after bidding and will even offer their own custom-made dust bags.

PennyAuctionWatch.com users have received items from Dime-Divas.com, so far we’re pleased with their support & quick delivery!

Tell us about your experience with Dime-Divas.com in our  forum!

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