Gift Cards Really Ending for Pennies on TheOutbidders

theoutbidders penny auction

Bidders are hardly even being outbid over on!

Good Variety of Gift Cards is a penny auction site that launched in October and offers primarily evening auctions for gift cards from $25-50. Previous auctions have included: Aeropostale, Old Navy, Target,, Nike, Starbucks, AMC, Outback Steakhouse, iTunes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Red Robin, Chicago Pizza and many more, they really do have a good variety of gift cards.

Users have been really getting some good bargains due to either low traffic (current Alexa is 3,553,314) or, for some reason, it seems as if the bidders aren’t bidding against eachother and “stamping” items (not cool!). Many items have ended with only 1-2 bids!

What Do Their Bids Cost?

Bids on TheOutbidders range in price from $0.80 when bought in the smallest bid pack of 30 bids to $0.55 when bought in a 1000 bids pack.

Win Limits:

Win limits were recently changed down from 2/day to 1 item a day/7 per week, per user.

Penny Auction Watch℠ Forum Members Have Won Items on TheOutbidders

PAW members have received items they’ve won from TheOutbidders, however we’re not too sure how long they can sustain the losses they seem to be taking without more users bidding.

Read what others are saying about TheOutbidders on our forum!

Quote Originally Posted by Duramax View Post
The customer service is great at outbidders.

RotaryGuy: “couldnt agree more with that statement! I had an issue the other night when the site gave me the boot and then would allow me to login. Seth was upfront and honest about how it was on his end and that his servers spiked in usage and caused the issue. It only took like 10 minutes for him to respond to my email AND refund my bids. cant give this site enough praise.

If you’ve bid on TheOutbidders, post your review in our forum!

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  • lynpesen February 28, 2011, 1:42 pm

    Gasbids long ago changed and became Bidwallet. That was months ago. I won a $20. Shell Card there for something like $1.67 total after S&H. That was one of the last times before they went off to revamp. Instead of the $20. card, they sent me a $25.00 card. I emailed them and they got back to me almost immediately and were very upfront about their site. I only wish they had stayed only with gas cards. They now have other cards.


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