Wavee Down Citing Technical Difficulties – Sound Familiar?

waveeSadly it seems that these days there are  more penny auctions closing than are opening, at least in terms of large scale penny auctions. Then, there are the new, “big” sites like BidRack.com where users are reporting won item cancellations as is evidenced by a number of comments on both blog posts and our forum.

Nearly 2 months ago, March 17th to be exact, Swoopo.com (the inventor of penny auctions) displayed the message, still up on their site today,

“Due to technical issues, Swoopo is currently not available. We’re working as hard as possible to restore the service.”

It was only a few days later that we found out that Swoopo’s parent company, Shopping Entertainment AG, had filed for bankruptcy in Germany. They also acquired the once-popular designer fashion penny auction Oohilove.com and formally shut it down, yet Swoopo’s website still states they’ll be back soon, but will they?

Now, since May 2nd, Wavee.com has been down and the message displayed sounds oddly familiar:

“Unfortunately, Wavee is currently unavailable due to technical difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to restore service.

We are continuing to ship normally during this disruption. If you have additional shipping questions, you may contact us here. We will post any information regarding the outage here on the website as it becomes known. We appreciate your patience.”-Wavee.com

Consumers have been complaining about Wavee’s failure/delays in shipping for many months now. The delays have been so numerous  that in March, CBS News Atlanta reported that Wavee was being investigated by the Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Protection.

One consumer tells us, “wavee closed down 5/2 /11 they stole enough from bidders they still owe me about $1600 in items i won and paid for” he says he wants to start a class-action lawsuit against the Atlanta based penny auction.

What do you think, will Wavee be back?

In a world where penny auction sites are a dime a dozen, opening with an intent to steal from consumers only to leave them in the dust when they can’t make it, it’s hard to say.

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