Penny Auction HappyBidDay Turns One, Get Up to 1500 Free Bids This Week!

happybidday turns oneCongratulations HappyBidDay on your first anniversary! 

I met HappyBidDay’s founder, Lisa DeMaria, just two months ago and I’d like to congratulate on their one year anniversary. It’s a big achievement I’d say for a penny auction to reach the one-year mark.


In honor of their one-year anniversary, HappyBidDay is giving members 35% off their next two bid pack purchases from November  1-7th with promo code HappyBirthday, but that’s not all:

Bidders can get up to 1,500 free bids this week!

In addition to a 20% bid pack discount, new HappyBidDay members are being awarded with 100 free bids just for signing up through November 7th.

HappyBidDay members will also receive 200 free bids for each day that they log in. (Reminds me of the days when YottaBid first opened (March of 2009). They awarded bids on a daily basis for users that logged in, very cool!)

Win Limits Increased

Auction item win limits have been increased:

Happy auction limits have been increased to 3 per day, 21 per week, 60/month. Regular auctions:  10/wk, 40/month. Category wins: 3 per month of the blue lock, 4 of the green lock and 5 of the orange lock.


They say there are surprises in store too, like chances to get items shipped free and opportunities to get bids back.

Read our interview with Lisa to learn more! 

Have you bid on Let us know about your experiences! 

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**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for Penny Auction See Penny Auction Watch’s disclosure statement for more details.

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  • Pam Ridgeway February 21, 2014, 12:56 pm

    I won a lot of free bids from an online survey, the first time I logged in Ihad to buy a pack. They are now gone, so what am I suppose to do with these free bids. Because there is no auction for people to use their free bids. This is such a rip off. Now I get to go back to the survey and tell what I tthink of the penny auction!!! Sorry, bet your amount of

    players drop. Please email me I would love to hear what you have to say. Oh, & I didn’t win a damn thing with my played bids, why is it I keep seeing the same people bidding on more than one auction at the same time. How is that possible?? Not one or two more. Pam


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