Win MLB Tickets, Bids and Other Fun Prizes in RagingBid’s Major League Baseball Promotion

RagingBid MLB promotionAre you a baseball fan? How would you like it if each time your favorite team won you won free bids from That’s just what RagingBid is going to do with their latest promotion!

Get Free Bids if Your Favorite MLB Team Wins!

Here’s how you get in on the fun at RagingBid:

You submit your favorite MLB baseball team to either via e-mail, their Facebook page or their social network (which I’m now a member on!). Submissions have been extended to April 29th, so be sure to get your favorite MLB baseball team name in.

Every time your team wins or scores a run you will win bids to!

They will also be awarding all of their members with 250 bids just for picking their favorite team and showing their support by changing their avatar/icon on MySocialBull to match with their favorite team for a day, they will then award you every month, through the end of the season, with 25 free bids for each win that your team has in that month.

At the end of the regular season they will then add up all of the runs your team has scored and you will get 5 free bids as a one time bonus for each run scored. At the end of the promotion they will also be giving away a number of prizes from

RagingBid is Not Only Giving Away Free Bids, but Prizes Too!

At the end of the regular season will award the members who score the most overall points (multipliers, wins, runs) with fun prizes.

These prizes will include two tickets to a MLB Divisional Playoff Game of their choice, a trip to Las Vegas and entry into the World Series Party. Plus, if you win the the tickets you will also be entered into RagingBid’s vacation of a lifetime drawing.

An Xbox Kinnect with MLB 2012 and signed baseballs, bats and hats from some of the most famous MLB Players from the team that you picked.

Refer Friends & Get More Free Bids:

Every day between today and Sunday the 29th of April RagingBid will add new members to this promotion, for each new member that participates in the MLB Regular Season Promotion “Everyone will get 5 bids if a new Member also becomes a member at – Friend me – PennyAuctionWatch!  everyone will get 15 bids and if the members buys a multiplier “Any Size” every member will get 25 bids. Promotion more fans at the end of this promotion RagingBid will have some great prizes for the members that have the most wins and runs scored.

In this promotion you can only start receiving bids and multipliers from the date that you submit your favorite team the member drive bids will be credited at the end of the month when they will then tally up all the new members in the promotion. Multipliers will be applied to each game and will start counting from the day that you submit your favorite team. This is a great promotion to have the big multiplier to get maximum bids.

“The promotional bids multiplied based on the size of the bid pack or packs that you purchase during the day.

If you purchase a 50 -75 or 125 bid pack your promotion bids will multiply X2,

If you purchase a 200 or 500 bid pack your promotion bids will multiply X3

If you purchase a 750 bid pack your promotion bids will multiply X4.

RagingBid will also be running random multipliers on ALL purchased bids during this promotion from X3.5 all the way up to the X5 all day long.

We have made some new changes that have just gone in to effect on the Shopping site. We have increased the Shopping Reward to 100% bid credit of the amount of what you spend through the “Direct Shopping” mall; the bids will be based at .50 cents per bid. This means that for every $1.00 you spend in the mall you will get 2 “Paid” bids at What A Deal! We have also increased the monthly membership bids to: 150 Bids per month for a Social Member paying $9.95. 350 Bids per month for a Shopping Member paying $24.95 per month and when available the VIP Members paying $34.95 per month will get 500 Bids monthly.

Please watch your bid caps based on your Membership level, we will be enforcing this very strictly and with the new changes in the shopping program there is no reason a member should not want to be a shopping member, it beats any weekly coupon deal that a member can get and increases your bid cap to 2,500 bids!  

Promotional Bid Guidelines: The promotions at RagingBid are meant to be fun; rewarding and most of all allow the members to participate in a social environment. By participating in the promotions the members were rewarded with free bids. Those free bids should be used and not stored so that a member can run up or jump an auction with a large bid bank. We have made the new guidelines very simple for everyone to understand, there is a cap of number of PROMOTIONAL bids that a member can store in his or her account (listed below).  The term “last in first out” does not even apply to awarding promotional bids or the cap. Simply if a member participates in a promotion, we will only award that member to the maximum cap of Promotional bids that the member is qualified for. So if a member is qualified for a 1,000 promotional bids and the members has 750 PROMOTIONAL bids in his/her account, that member would only qualify for 250 bids to be rewarded for the next promotion. If that member uses his/her stored promotion bids before the close of the next promotion that member would be rewarded to the limit of what they were qualified to receive. Members will only be credited bids to the cap of their qualified level. The assumption of this affecting purchased bids, purchased multiplier bids, PAC coupon bids or won bid pack auctions is FALSE. These rules were put in place for the members of the site in order to keep members from taking advantage of the site and other members that purchase bids.

The following are the bid caps and expiration dates for bid levels at RagingBid:

RagingBid members: Maximum of 500 Promotional Bids / Expiration 72 hours

Blukos Social Members: Maximum of 1,000 Promotional Bids / Expiration 30 days.

Blukos Shopping Members: Maximum of 2,500 Promotional Bids / Expiration 60 days.

Blukos V.I.P Members: Maximum of 5,000 Promotional Bids / Expiration 90 days.”

No purchase is necessary to be able to participate or win in the RagingBid MLB Baseball promotion, you just have to tell us, or RagingBid your favorite team by April 29th! 
Good luck bidders & GO TEAMS!

NOTE: I, Penny Auction Watch  do not have any affiliation with I do not receive compensation from them in any way by posting this article. I am not a RagingBid affiliate. Bid at your own risk and do research before you try any penny auction site!

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  • Squcu2 April 18, 2012, 11:21 am

    Awesome promo!!!! I wouldn’t miss it and neither should you. Come join in the fun and add some excitement to the MLB season :)))) Raging Bid rocks……GO CARDINALS


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