New Penny Auction Evotronix Launched This Weekend

evotronix, an e-commerce store offering a number of unlocked smart phones just launched their competitive shopping penny auction product yesterday. Items include the new iPad mini, smartphones, gift cards, headphones and more. Bids, BidBux are sold in packs ranging from 50 to 2,000 and are $1 each.evotronix

We recently spoke with Kameko Oliver, EvoTronix founder to learn more about his penny auction site:

EvoTronix offers a couple of new concepts to the Competitive Shopping experience. The first is the fact we offer multiple rounds for each auction. By offering multiple rounds for each auction item, we basically auction the same product(s) multiple times throughout the day. This essentially gives our customers multiple opportunities to win a particular product. Our goal is to offer 10 or more rounds per auction per day.

Evotronix Will Lock Out “Jumpers” With “Privacy Price Point” auctions.  Our second feature is our Privacy Price Point. Each auction round will have a Privacy Price Point at which the auction will become private and no longer allow “Jumpers” or any new bidders to enter that auction round. In addition to the auction clock automatically being reduced to the 2min mark once the auction goes private, there is also an Auction Access bar that will display for each user once the auction does go private. The purpose of the Auction Access bar is to ensure the round ends as quickly as possible by giving each user a time limit to place their bid in order to remain in the private auction round.

However, should the user decide to not place a bid once their Auction Access bar depletes to 0%, they will automatically advance to the next public auction round. This mechanism is designed to encourage a fast paced auction so that the most competitive shopper ultimately wins the auction in the shortest amount of time. We want our auctions to always move at a fast pace.

Evotronix Bids Can Be Used in the Evotronix Unlocked Smart Phone Store

Some other areas where EvoTronix differs from other auction sites is in the fact our primary bid currency (eBux) can essentially be used to either place bids within our auctions or to purchase any product or service offered on EBux credits function the same as would any store gift card in the sense it is our own virtual currency. Each eBux credit has a real-world store value of $1.00. Because we offer only high-end smartphones and tablet PCs in our catalog, most of our auctions will be for the same type of products.

We will always offer high-end electronics both from our own catalog as well as other various consumer electronics which may not be available from our own catalog, but found to be a popular consumer electronic product. As the EvoTronix Competitive Shopping experiment proves to be a successful venture, we will add additional features to the Competitive Shopping experience. These features include the ability to sign up for our daily giveaway were a tablet or smartphone is given to 1 in every 500 users who sign up, buys bid credits but ultimately did not win an auction for that day.

We will also offer the ability for our customers to add products to their Want-It list and begin to earn equity in those products the more active they are on the site such as through bidding, making referrals and providing user generated content such as product reviews and ratings.

These will essentially provide 3 distinct ways in which our customers can shop, compete & win products on – ensuring they have an entertaining shopping experience as an EvoTronix customer.

Join our penny auction forum to discuss and review Evotronix. 

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