Buy Bids + Get Free Coffee promises a free bag of Maui coffee with bid pack purchase. Have you bid on MauiBids and received your bag of coffee?

The coffee is creative marketing sell, it’s unique and pretty cool. I remember the penny auction site based in Hawaii that would send Macadamia nuts with wins (props to them).mauibids

I find it kind of hard to believe this claim. “There are over 1,000 Winners Every Day on Maui Bids!”


Ok, where are they then? And why do you say this MauiBids? That’s all I’m asking.

There are only 18 items listed on their site and they’re all queued to start ending in 9 hours.

Umm. Ok. sure, maybe this is just yet another oversight by a penny auction site, like yesterday’s report on the penny auction site that used fake seals that were left on their script by the clone script developer? 

My point here is – why lie when attempting to appeal to consumers, to gain their trust and business? I mean sure, of course bidders who are legit are probably already trying this site out based on the names I see bidding – will wait for feedback from them to see for sure, but really? It’s just tacky to say you have over 1,000 winners every day when you really do not. Yeah, yeah get mad at me for pointing this out. This is why I’m here. If you want to run a 100% legit penny auction site, then do it. There’s a difference between boastful marketing and deceptive marketing.

You can say TONS of winners every day on Maui Bids! But why 1,000? Ok yeah maybe it’s not a big deal to you, or maybe this was just something left on the site by the developers… Just I get annoyed by it, maybe not everyone will.

Ok – so off that tangent. MauiBids currently offers penny auctions for sandals, luggage and other items in addition to a few $10 gift cards.  They at some point must be planning to offer vacation rentals, because there aren’t any listed right now:

“Welcome to Maui Bids, the only penny auction on the internet offering Maui vacation rentals.

As permanent residents here on Maui, we are continually asked where to stay, where to eat, where to play golf and what are the best activities.  Because we are local, we also get asked “can you get me a local deal?”.  In the spirit of Aloha we usually do our best to help.  In that same spirit we decided we should share our local knowledge with others and offer up dakine deals.  That is why we started Maui Bids! 

On Maui Bids you can find a place to stay, activities, restaurants, Hawaiian style clothing and much more.  We have enjoyed the activities and restaurants we offer here.  We know the properties we make available.  In short, you are seeing only those properties, restaurants and activities we recommend. 

We invite you to join our Maui Bids ohana.  Ohana means family in Hawaiian.  Not just blood relatives but anyone who lives in the spirit of Aloha. 

Book your condo, sign up for your activities, eat at some of our favorite places and play on our favorite golf courses.”



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  • pennyanon November 7, 2013, 7:20 pm

    Getting eaten alive by the Powerbidders Tag and Defend strategy..

  • Dan November 26, 2013, 7:52 pm

    Good points! We will make changes. We do offer vacation rentals. You must have visited the site on low day. Check it out after Thanksgiving and see that we heard you.

    • Amanda Lee November 27, 2013, 11:14 am

      Will do! Thanks DAn!


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