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Started by ProtoProtoss , Nov 02 2009 08:24 AM

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ubidplace = 100% scam. I bidded with the free bids I received and as mentioned it'll just keep restarting. I knew it was a scam but wanted to do some investigating and toying in their source code revealed THIS: Pay good attention to the words "minimum_price" which is in the code for all of the auctions.


"Auction":{"id":"55","start_time":"2009-03-29 10:28:00","end_time":"2009-11-02 00:30:00","rrp":"1295","start_price":"0.09","peak_only":"0","closed":"0","minimum_price":"99.93","current_limit":"0","message":"You have no more bids in your account","element":"auction_55"}}


"Auction":{"id":"49","start_time":"2009-03-28 09:41:00","end_time":"2009-11-02 00:27:18","rrp":"949","start_price":"0.42","peak_only":"0","closed":"0","minimum_price":"93.75","current_limit":"0","message":"You're already the highest bidder","element":"auction_49"}}Now the above were CURRENT auctions. Now take a look at a CLOSED auction.

{"Auction":{"id":"116","start_time":"2009-04-07 11:23:00","end_time":"2009-04-07 11:25:00","rrp":"255","start_price":"25.32","peak_only":"0","closed":"1","minimum_price":"0","current_limit":"0","message":"Auction has been closed","element":"auction_116"}} Now notice the "end_time" on all 3 of the above. Yep... last real closed auction was over 6 months ago.

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All of the auctions on this site have a 2min countdown clock and even if no one else bids when the clock hits zero it will still reset to two minutes. For example i have been the highest bidder for 3 different auctions now for about 2days and the clock keeps reseting even though in two days no one else has bid besides me. I just want some clarification on why this site does this because the site itself and support have not answered this to me.


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I didn't look yet, but I'll bet there's a reserve price set in there somewhere that you didn't see. Probably won't end until its hit. Just a guess.....

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